TikTok Users Changing Into “Unofficial Brand Ambassadors” For Unhealthy Foods & Drinks

A recent study by the British Medical Journal revealed how often TikTok users (ages 10-19) are “unknowingly” marketing unhealthy foods & drinks.  

The authors of the study say there’s a need for better policies to protect children from the harmful impact of marketing on TikTok.

Here is what the article states –

“In an attempt to assess the effect of unhealthy food and drink marketing on TikTok, the researchers looked at all the content posted by the accounts of the 16 leading food and non-alcoholic drink brands as of June 2021.

User-generated content created in response to branded hashtag challenges was also assessed.

At least 539 videos had been posted across the 16 accounts from 2019 to 2021, with videos receiving an average of 63,400 views, 5,829 likes, 157 comments, and 36 shares.

Of the user-generated content instigated by the brands through hashtag challenges, total collective views for challenges ranged from 12.7 million to 107.9 billion.”

Read the full story here

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