Think Email Marketing Is Irrelevant? Think Again

There is more than one reason why email marketing has stood the test of time despite the increase in social media marketing:

  • Email gives marketers the choice of when they can send their message & what the message will say. 
  • Email marketing remains an excellent way to inform your target audience about exclusive deals, rebates, and coupons.
  • Marketers can EASILY promote social media channels through email marketing.
  • Email marketing is COST-EFFECTIVE!
  • The BEST email marketing strategies encourage readers to take action.
  • Emails give marketers the chance to personalize messages.
  • Want to increase website traffic? Email readers a reason to check out your website!
  • Performing A/B testing through email marketing campaigns will reveal click rates, open rates, etc. 

Here is what the article states –

“Email marketing is still relevant and has a long future. It will probably become even more important as time goes on, especially since it’s so easy to use and cost-effective.

In addition, sending emails isn’t the only point of email marketing, but profitability for your company is the goal. In order to avoid sending out pointless messages, you must ensure that everything you send generates real leads and sales.”

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Email marketing is no stranger to Kennected & it inspired the company’s #1 lead generation tool, Cloud Kennect

The most IMPORTANT part when you’re messaging a client is the follow-up. We express the importance of relationship building rather than seeking revenue.

Be personal & REALLY engage with your leads. One, it shows you genuinely CARE about what they have to say & two, it’s good for branding.

Kennected is known for its superior customer service & support services, which occur through online messaging & calls. 

Lead generation through LinkedIn is similar to email marketing, but you’re hoping to move the conversation OFF the screen. You want to help PUSH prospects through the sales funnel.

Cloud Kennect gives the user a purpose to reach out to prospects AND follow up when they respond. But we didn’t mention the BEST PART — it’s all automated.

If you’re skeptical, ask the thousands of companies we’ve helped grow their business. 

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