The Verbit Company’s New Automatic Captioning Solution

As the world’s leading voice AI transcription & captioning company, Verbit just launched a highly accurate, flexible, and reliable automatic captioning product. 

The company’s ASR & hybrid options are expanding into broadcast, media, and entertainment.

Verbit bought VITAC last year to expand into the media industry. VITAC is now Verbit’s media & entertainment division.

Developed by captioning, speech, and machine-learning experts, the Verbit ASR engine is custom, adaptable, and always trained. 

This new product is adaptable to the needs, demands, and expectations of broadcasters, networks, and content creators.

Here’s what the article states –

“What sets this product apart is its media-focused features, ones which exceed industry standard ASR, such as professional data prep by specialists who research and review the content added to the ASR engine before each session starts. Clients also can request a “human co-pilot” for control of the live ASR session in real time. This ability provides intelligent support in corrections, custom caption placement, domain changes and more. The product also comes with the same high-level customer support that is synonymous with the Verbit brand and its companies.

This new ASR offering further strengthens Verbit’s position as the No. 1 player in the professional transcription and captioning market. The company supports more than 3,000 customers across the legal, media, education, government and corporate sectors. It also bolsters Verbit’s positioning as a technology leader in the communications accessibility field.”

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