The Scope of Technology is Growing & Your Business Should Follow Suit

From streamlining business processes to implementing life changing electrical pulses, technology really has the ability to do it all.

A recent article by NBC Washington highlights a specific rehabilitation facility in Virginia where cutting edge technology is being used to help individuals suffering from paralyzation and other injuries.

“Each step Mark Gottlieb takes is made possible thanks to innovative technology and years of intense physical therapy. A mountain bike accident in March of 2020 left him paralyzed from the neck down.”I could actually see my hands, but they wouldn’t move at all, and I realized, gosh, I’m paralyzed. And then I realized, ‘Oh, I can’t, I can’t breathe either. This is going to be a very short experience,'” Gottlieb said.

Two good Samaritans found him and called for help.”The good news on my accident is it was not a complete spinal sever at all. It was incomplete,” Gottlieb said. “That word incomplete is a very good word in the sense of there’s still hope for you.”

He became determined to walk again after the accident. Slowly, he started to gain back movement on the right side of his body. After more than a month in the hospital, he went home and kept up the pace of his rigorous rehab schedule.

Gibson said she knows the sheer grit and determination of her patients because of her own personal experience. Doctors told her she would never walk again, but she refused to give up.

Eventually, she turned her pain into purpose, created a program and invented some of the equipment that was used at her practice.

“I want everybody to be where I am and what I went through to recover – I want them to feel the same successes. And I think with time, with a lot of time and patience, that a lot of them could get there,” Gibson said.”

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As technology continues to expand and reach into every industry on the planet, it is important to keep an open mind that strives for newer heights.

Software now has the ability to reverse what was previously thought of as irreparable damage within the human body– are there limits to what technology can do?

For us in business, the limits of automation tools and software implementations might not exist at all.

When a problem arises, technology can rise to the occasion and mend the issues.

Automation tools exist to streamline lead flow, lead generation, customer relationship management, and much more within businesses today.

Test the limits of new technologies and start automating lead flow with Cloud Kennect. 


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