The Rise of Tech In Real Estate and Beyond

Technology continues to revolutionize every aspect of our lives, and one area that is capitalizing on this is the concept of “smart homes.”

Using software to streamline certain functions within the home is becoming increasingly popular, especially as we become more reliant on technology in other areas.

An article by IWF Atlanta details this rise and discusses how technology can be used for the benefit of homeowners and realtors alike.

“We are on the cusp of a next generation of smart homes that will revolutionize the way we live,” declares a recent John Burns homeowner study. NKBA is also taking a hard look at this rising topic. The latter’s 2022 trend reports show that clients are interested in smart home features. 

Gen Xers and Boomers are showing up in these trends, Zach says, but Millennial interest was so strong that it generated its own research; the NKBA wanted to know what technology this behemoth generation of new homebuyers is interested in – and found that the trends carried over to the pro side. Technology is more intuitive to younger designers, the researcher says. “Other designers lack the knowledge” and, she confides, there’s an element of intimidation. That’s going to be challenging to technophobes’ business prospects. “Tech isn’t going away,” she cautions. “It is a disservice to clients by not being knowledgeable in this area.” 

At this time, designers are incorporating technology into about 30 percent of their projects, she reports, unable to predict when those numbers will significantly rise. One challenge for designers is finding trusted technology partners or knowing how to work with them, Zach shares. Partners like CEDIA and the Home Technology Association help in providing information and connections.”

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Technology exists to streamline certain aspects of our lives, so the expansion into the housing market comes as no surprise.

The article highlights that the main resistance with the inclusion of tech in homes is that many people are not knowledgeable about it or how it works.

Simply put, people don’t like to use things that they don’t understand, and this is especially true for technological advancements.

In business, we can solve this problem with ease. Use technology to your advantage and educate your clients on the software you use!

In the digital age, you must be using technology for your business in some way, and it’s likely that your products and services will also utilize this technology. Make it simple and easy for your customers to understand.

The rise in technology in the real estate industry puts a lot into perspective for the business world as well. Using software to streamline aspects of your business is becoming more prevalent, and if you let these options pass you by, your business will not be doing everything possible to grow and thrive.

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