The Rise of Automation in Human Resources

Though automation tools were once limited to very niche business processes, these tools are now expanding into every facet of business.

Once such department is HR, or human resources.

HR was largely considered a “human driven” department, and this belief led most businesses to avoid automation within this part of their business.

However, recent developments are showing that automation tools can be helpful within this sphere.

A recent article by Forbes highlights this new automation surge in human resources across the nation.

“The once staid, overlooked human resources (HR) technology industry is experiencing rapid growth. Sparked by a multitude of factors, the changing world of HR reflects wholesale changes in business, society and culture. These factors include the adoption of remote work, the competition for international talent and heightened employee expectations.

As a result, we are witnessing the digital revolution of HR in real-time as companies demand automation, integration and end-to-end solutions to stay competitive. Current and future product offerings will continue to become integrated, and many tasks are converging and automating across the board. This shift will transform not only how departments are run but also the entire business landscape—including how companies recruit, onboard and retain global talent.

With recent data predicting the human capital management (HCM) application market will reach $22 billion this year, the rise of HR technology is a topic of global interest. Covering everything from recruitment, onboarding, compensation and payroll to training and performance management, these technologies allow organizations to digitally transform legacy processes in the search for greater efficiency and effectiveness. As the global workforce landscape becomes increasingly complex to navigate, companies need to be prepared for changing market conditions to stay competitive and seamlessly find, hire and manage global talent.”

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The surge of automation tools in the HR departments of businesses globally reiterates a simple fact: automation tools exist to aid every single facet of your company.

At this point, it is silly to dig your heels in and reject the possibilities that new tech can offer your business and employees.

This article reminds us that automation is designed to help us, making our daily lives easier so we can show up for our companies every single day.

Automation can help with lead generation, customer service, customer relationship management, social media engagement, and much more.

Let your technology take the reins on certain processes, and devote yourself fully where you are needed.

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