The Power of Adjustment in Sports & Business

When we think about sports, we often think of the athletes and teams that comprise our beloved leagues.

While the professional sports leagues are made up of athletes, there are many people who work within the sphere of sports to make the events happen.

One such group includes sports journalists and commentators. These individuals work around the clock to contextualize certain sports events and ensure that fans receive the best and most up to date news possible.

Jarod Hamiltion, a staff writer for PowerMizzou, writes about his experience as a sports journalist within the industry in a recent article. 

“When I was 13 years old and didn’t make my middle school basketball team, I figured I wasn’t going to become a pro athlete. In my opinion, the next best thing was being a sports journalist.

Although it took me until my teenage years to realize I wanted to make a career in sports journalism, sports have been the center of my world, outside my faith and my loved ones, since I can remember.

I chose watching ESPN instead of cartoons, exclusively playing sports video games, and spending countless days going into a Wikipedia rabbit hole as I would try to read about an athlete’s life story or a sporting event before clicking on the next hyperlink.

Whether it was predicting games and helping my dad win nearly $10,000 in bets (true story) as a second grader or making sure that I won every sports debate at the lunch table in high school — talking sports has always and will always be my field of play.

If you still don’t understand how serious I take sports despite not being an athlete, maybe this quick little story will help explain the lengths I will go to do my job.

In 2019, N.C. A&T had clinched its third straight Celebration Bowl appearance (the HBCU National Championship for those unaware). At the time, I was theScore (sports) editor in need of a tonsillectomy, something I had scheduled the week of the Celebration Bowl.

Now, I could’ve told everyone I was having surgery four days before the game and stayed home, but I would’ve been depriving myself and another reporter the opportunity of covering a bowl game in Atlanta (which would’ve been justifiable). I decided to do what most athletes do ─ suck it up and do my job.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

Hamilton’s journey as a sports journalist reminds us that every position in any given industry holds tremendous potential and value, and that following your dreams can happen if you are willing to put in the work.

Hamilton accepted the fact that he wouldn’t play professional sports, and he shifted his focus toward another goal.

Not everyone in your business will be the CEO or even on the executive board, but that does not mean that these individuals hold less value.

This young professional journalist’s story reminds us that we need to value everyone on our team, especially those dedicated to growing your business day in and day out.

Find individuals who share your values and goals, and combine your talents to reach these new heights for your company.

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