The Power of a Loyal Fan Base

With 30 teams to root for in the NBA, it seems ridiculous to imagine a team without fans, even with the league’s less impressive franchises.

In fact, it is unlikely that any team does not have a fan base, especially because loyalty for sports teams runs deep.

Why do losing teams still have impressive fan bases?

A recent article by the Atlantic highlights why and how losing teams can still inspire great loyalty amongst fans.

“When I attended a Washington Wizards open practice at D.C.’s Capital One Arena earlier this month, the focus was more on spectator entertainment than Rocky-style workouts. The season opener was a week away, and the players ran drills at half speed and engaged in silly skills competitions for fans, including a basketball version of Connect Four. But as a lifelong Wiz devotee, I was having an awestruck, love-you-man moment. Here I was posing for a photo with Phil freakin Chenier. Franchise royalty. My childhood idol. 

But rooting for the middling Wizards takes guts at best and is downright masochism at worst. Still, even though the team is more likely to bring me agony than elation, I can’t fathom supporting any other franchise. The same is surely true of my fellow Wizards fans—and many fans of other perennial losers (hey, the Detroit Lions somehow still have fans). So why do we stay hooked?

Recent pain should feel stronger than childhood joy, I would think—even for fans like me, whose support was passed down geographically. But these deep, die-hard roots can influence our adult behavior. “Early learning is incredibly powerful and hard to erase,” Chris Crandall, a psychology professor at the University of Kansas who has studied fan allegiance, told me. The team’s success 50 years ago may have boosted my childhood loyalty, Crandall explained, and their subsequent failures did not remove it. A new attitude (“Wow, these guys stink”) essentially “lays over the old one, but the old one is still there,” Crandall said. “And it’s very difficult to get rid of it.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

The sentiment here is simple: loyalty runs deep for sports teams, and we are hardwired to appreciate the journey with our favorite franchises.

Just because our team is going through a rough patch does not mean that our loyalty is slashed.

In fact, some fans may feel even more enveloped in the franchise’s “rebuilding” years, eagerly awaiting the successful return of their favorite players.

In business, your goal should be to create a fan base, not a client base.

Inspire people with your products and services, and ensure that these individuals are committed to you and what you provide for them.

When a fan base is created, your business becomes a community, much like a sports franchise.

Your business will experience highs and lows, just like a sports team. Make sure that your clients are your fans throughout it all.

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