The Increasing Importance of Digital Ethics

As the digital age picks up steam and shows no signs of slowing down, new conversations surrounding the ethics of our dependence on technology have surfaced. 

We now use technology to store client data, tendencies, and personal information, and this reliance begs the question: is there such a thing as too much technological involvement?

An opinion piece by Computer Weekly details how our society’s reliance on technology can be reexamined and what we should be aware of moving forward.

“The world has become digitized, leading to an ever-increasing range of applications. Thus, there now exists global deep-seated dependency on digital technology. This digitisation of everything requires a greater emphasis on what we should now call digital ethics, which can be defined as integrating digital technology and human values in such a way that digital technology advances human values, rather than doing damage to them.

Within industry and government, the compliance culture has taken a firm hold and so strangles the opportunity for dialogue and analysis of complex multi-faceted socio-ethical issues related to digital technology. Superficial compliance must be challenged vigorously in the digital age. Organizational silo mentalities must be similarly challenged and replaced by inclusivity and empathy that will embrace a global community from the cradle to the grave.

In the digital age, it is people who change things. It is people who make digital technology. It is people who use and abuse digital technology. The tension between use and abuse is where the ethical hotspots lie.”

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As it stands, many individuals perceive our reliance on technology to be harmful, and this opinion piece highlights the dangers of using software to store data and complete certain functions. 

The important point here is that people are driving technological usage, and this article does a great job of elucidating the fact that the “morals” of technology are completely dictated by those implementing it. 

So, what now?

Technology isn’t going anywhere, and that is a good thing. What you need to remember is that software is created to help your business and your customers. 

Use your tech responsibly and remember to have clear intentions about each software implementation.

Having a clear set of values within your business will help drive this process. Making sure that your technology supports your company vision and morals will help strengthen customer experience and the usability of your technology.

This article reminds us that despite our dependence on technology, we as humans and business owners are still driving the software and implementing it where we see fit.

Don’t take advantage of technology; rather, use it to alleviate issues within your business or within the sales cycle. Maintaining a healthy relationship with technology and making sure your software is supported by good intentions will make all the difference. 

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