The Importance of Diversity in Sports Medicine & Business

As sports seasons begin to pick up speed, it is not just the athletes involved that shape performance.

Each team has a group of designated sports medicine staff, including a plethora of individuals who are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of their players.

The sports medicine profession often gets overlooked within the scope of professional athletics, but these individuals are key to the success of our favorite teams each season.

A recent article by the NFL calls for increased diversity within the sports medicine field and how this shift could benefit the entire sports scene.

“As the National Football League begins another exciting season, players are once again relying on their club medical staff to provide medical care and advice to stay healthy throughout the season. But this year, in addition to their clinical care, these club physicians and athletic trainers are also helping train medical students from Historically Black College and University (HBCU) medical schools across the United States as the league supports efforts to diversify the sports medicine profession.

There is an ongoing lack of racial/ethnic diversity among sports medicine physicians, and the medical profession in the United States in general. In a 2021 study, 84.5 percent of physicians across American professional sports teams identified as white, while 8.4 percent identified as Asian, 5.8 percent identified as Black and 1.3 percent identified as Hispanic/Latino. Data from the American Association of Medical Colleges in 2021 shows that Black students comprise only 11.3 percent of the total medical school population in the U.S. and Hispanic/Latino students comprise 12.7 percent. These figures have changed very little over the last 40 years.

We believe that improving diversity among professional team physicians has the potential to positively impact patient outcomes and patient experience. That is why the NFL, the National Football League Physicians Society (NFLPS) and the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) are working together to create a pipeline to expose diverse medical students to the field of sports medicine. This NFL season, 14 students from the nation’s four HBCU medical schools will be embedded within NFL club medical staff as the inaugural class of the NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative.”

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It is important to shine a spotlight on every person involved in our favorite sports and teams, especially when it comes to the sports medicine staff who are dedicated to keeping our beloved athletes healthy and playing at their best.

Emphasizing diversity within this sphere is equally important, and the same goes for businesses.

Diversity and inclusion are essential practices for any industry. Increased diversity in the sports industry encourages better patient care and results, and the same practice in business allows for enhanced discussion and strategy implementation.

Being inclusive helps promote a culture of acceptance, innovation, and high performance for sports and for business.

Like in the sports medicine industry, drawing upon a wider base of skill sets and backgrounds only increases the potential your business can have.

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