The Importance of Data in Sports and Business

As we enter the fall months, major sports leagues are kicking off their seasons with renewed purpose and dedication.

The beginning of the season is a delicate time for most teams, as players and coaches want to get started on the right track and help to establish themselves as key players on the scene.

The New England Patriots have long been key players in the NFL, and it is a lot of pressure for the team to establish themselves right away in the season.

A CBS article details their strategy going into the new season, starting with an extended stay in Miami to get things started on the right foot.

“Taking a trip to Miami is usually a vacation for most people, but not for the New England Patriots. As a matter of fact, for most of the past decade the trip down to South Florida has been a total nightmare for the Patriots. 

Due to their struggles on the road against the Dolphins, Patriots coach Bill Belichick has decided to change up the team’s travel plans this week. Normally, when the Patriots have a road game, they leave on Saturday for a Sunday game. For the opener though, the Patriots will be leaving on TUESDAY for their Sunday game against the Dolphins, which means the team will be getting a full five days in Miami before kickoff. 

Belichick was asked about the strategy over the weekend and although he didn’t go into details about why he made the change, he definitely thought this decision through. 

“I think there are a combination of factors, but in the end it all looks like it’s set up fairly well here,” Belichick said, via quotes from the team. “So, make the trip on Tuesday instead of on Saturday. We’ll already be down there. We’ll be able to just focus on the Dolphins.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

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The Patriots’ coach is allotting his team more time to prepare for the game, allowing them to acclimate to the climate and any other changes they may encounter in Miami.


Belichick is altering his strategy based on previous performances, helping set up his team for success after several years of disappointment.


This decision represents the fluidity of sports strategy, and the same sentiment applies to business.

What works for one team may not work for another, and this is absolutely true for businesses as well.


Preparation and studying the data have made Belichick inclined to make a change, and it is likely to work in the Patriots’ favor.


When you take the time to prepare for specific situations in sports and business, your team is better prepared for whatever comes your way.


Take initiative and review areas where your business has encountered strife in the past.


When you do the work to ensure preparedness, your business is better equipped to handle uncertainties and emerge victorious as a result.


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