The Future of Asynchronous Work Starts with Accountability

As technology in business continues to grow and expand, asynchronous work has become a recent phenomenon globally.

Conceptually, asynchronous working is rooted in the idea that people across nations and across the globe can do their work effectively and independently, and everyone essentially works at their own pace.

A recent piece by Sony Research details what is needed for a successful asynchronous work environment and how this could be the future of businesses everywhere.

Asynchronous working allows employees on the same team to work at different times, in contrast to traditional office hours, and without the expectation of immediately responding to others.

The trend was explored in research Sony Professional Displays & Solutions commissioned earlier this year on the future of work. A survey of 3,000 white-collar workers across Europe revealed that asynchronous working is believed to be the future, but a lack of sufficient technology solutions and trust has stymied this change.

Each episode of the series will feature an interview with a Sony expert to uncover the nuances and insights of the trend within a particular country, highlighting the impact this might have on individuals and businesses.

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While Sony experts note that asynchronous work is most likely going to become standard, the article highlights that the main obstacles preventing this shift are technology and trust.

At present, there are no software tools to accurately monitor work output, and the accountability factor is also nonexistent.

The question remains: how can we remedy these issues?

The technology piece is likely to be fixed before the accountability portion. New automation tools rise into popularity daily, and a software solution for this problem is sure to arrive soon.

Trust is a difficult thing to monitor, and something that cannot be automated.

This culture of accountability starts with leadership.

Without a leader who emphasizes accountability and works to ensure that everyone on the team is diligent and organized, trust falls to the back burner.

If asynchronous work truly is the future, the importance of accountability needs to start now.

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