The Emergence of Technology in Healthcare & How Tech Aids All Businesses

The global pandemic rocked the foundations of many businesses, forcing previously in-person enterprises to shift to an entirely new online format for an undetermined amount of time.

Businesses and schools felt the shock of the online shift, but healthcare organizations and hospitals had to deal with a greater adjustment: figuring out how to provide patient care in an online format with rising cases and panic throughout the world.

Technology became the backbone of these organizations, and an article by Forbes highlights the five technological functions that saved the healthcare industry during this time. 

“Even in the best of times, healthcare organizations must walk the fine line between improving patient outcomes and controlling costs. In many cases, technological advances, both on the clinical and remote care fronts, can offer the best of both worlds, providing broader access to quality care while keeping the cost of care affordable for providers and patients alike.

Here are five examples of technologies offering near-term potential to improve patient outcomes:

  1. Mobile Text Messaging
  2. Web-based Scheduling
  3. Provider Portals
  4. ​​Remote Patient Monitoring
  5. Telehealth

Technology on its own won’t cure the issues with modern healthcare. The industry is in a state of transition as fewer caregivers enter the medical profession, remote working becomes the norm and the balance between what’s possible from a technical standpoint and the type of care patients want and are comfortable with continues to evolve.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

As COVID-19 cases leveled out and life began to return to normalcy, the healthcare industry was left with a new and improved way of providing care using technology.

Before the pandemic, healthcare workers were always providing in-person services, as there was really no other way to provide high quality care using technology.

It took a global pandemic to help the healthcare industry realize that technology can fit into any industry and alleviate certain issues for everyone involved. 

Good things happen when we embrace technology. The very basis of most software is to help streamline functions and erase human error, meaning that technology is designed to help us do what we do best in less time and with less stress.

Most businesses had to embrace technology during the pandemic, and this change demonstrated how valuable technological assets can be for any given company.

Software exists to help with nearly everything when it comes to running a business. Technology is used to aid with lead generation, marketing, sales, operations, and even client data and outreach. 

The pandemic took away and halted many things, but it gave us a new way to look at the technology that exists in our everyday lives and the ways that it can serve us. 

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