The Bay Area Mount Rushmore of Sports Winners: What Makes an Athlete Great

When it comes to the best in sports, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes specific athletes great and where others fall just short.

Annually, the Bay Area Mount Rushmore of Sports project selects four athletes to be “displayed” on the theoretical structure, highlighting the best of the best in professional sports who came specifically from this location.

This year, four of the greats were selected: Jerry Rice, Steph Curry, Barry Bonds, and Joe Montana.

An opinion piece by the NFL Sporting News details why these four athletes in particular were selected and what is believed to be the uniting factor among them. 

“The SN Rushmore project named four pro athletes from the 13 cities that have had at least four of the following five leagues represented for at least 20 years – NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, WNBA. While there were no hard-and-fast rules pertaining to the athletes selected, our panel of experts considered individual resumes, team success and legacy within the sports landscape of each city. Multiple players from the same franchise were allowed, and not every franchise needed to be represented. All sports fans have an opinion on this topic. This is ours.

Grit x Talent.

For some of the Bay Area’s best, their legacies preceded them. Joe Montana, a national championship winner at Notre Dame, helped usher in a new offensive system that would change the league forever. Barry Bonds came back home to the Bay fresh off an MVP season in Pittsburgh.

For others, their arrivals came with skepticism. Jerry Rice dominated college football, but outside of the national spotlight. Could he get separation against the NFL’s best defenses?  Stephen Curry was a nice story with a beautiful stroke, but could a guard from Davidson really be more than a 6th man in the NBA?

Yes and yes. 

Four legends who have the honor of being in the discussion for GOAT status in each of their respective sports make up the Bay Area’s Mount Rushmore.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

According to the Sporting News, it is a combination of grit and talent that separates the best athletes from great ones. 

Every professional athlete has to possess a certain level of “greatness” in order to make their respective league, but the best athletes elevate and surpass that initial level.

The same principle applies to business owners and what it takes to bring a vision to life.

Every business needs the talent to get the idea off the ground and executed. You need marketers to create content and get your product out there, and you need a sales force to generate revenue and grow your client base.

Once you have the talent, your business has essentially landed in the big leagues. What you need from there is the grit, the drive to push past what you thought your business was capable of. 

Each of the four aforementioned Mount Rushmore athletes possessed the talent necessary to excel as a professional athlete, but they also had the grit to push themselves every day and aim for a higher standard.

With the combination of grit and talent, your business can be elevated to a new standard every single day.

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