Can I Text Using Mailchimp

There are a few ways to integrate your Mailchimp account with a text marketing service so that you can enable text messaging to your existing client base.

This Mailchimp integration will allow you to use your already established Mailchimp list to create and grow your audience through sending text messages.

Read on to learn more about how to use this service and incorporate these Mailchimp forms into your marketing efforts.

How Do I Use My Mailchimp Account?

Mailchimp is a marketing tool used to aid in email marketing and sending out correspondence using a registered trademark.

You can use Mailchimp in a variety of different ways:

  • Send appointment reminders through both email and phone numbers

  • Automatically add customers to lists so that they are instantly synced into email messages

  • Alter settings to make sure that your content is available in other languages

  • Send links to inspiring stories that help celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of your company/organization

  • Order notifications on the main menu for use of access for your customers

You’ll mainly be using Mailchimp as a means to reach your customers through either SMS messages or email threads.

Since Mailchimp is a registered email marketing tool, you’ll have to integrate the service with an SMS platform in order to send text messages to your customers.
Since you will already have phone numbers, this integration process should be simple!
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What are Expert Insights Industry Trends?

These trends are seen in the media by people who follow and record what is most popular in any given field at that time.

This concept will track industry trends and inspiring stories, films, podcasts and original series, and other trademarks of Apple INC that have risen to popularity in recent years.

The Mac app store is a service mark of Apple INC, so be sure to utilize this service when you are looking for any trademarks of google inc or any original series that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of your business in your marketing messages.

From 2001-2022, all rights for trademarked content belong to the company who created the trademark, so be cautious when crafting your messages and make sure to give credit where it’s due.

Which Options For Google Play Logo Are Trademarks?

You may have encountered logos in your business venture, but despite the fact that logos are displayed everywhere, you generally cannot include them in your marketing messages.

You are free to use your own logo within your content, but it is best to steer clear of most other logos you encounter and engage with online.

For example, the trademark of the rocket science group on google play and the google apple logo are trademarks that you may often see on the internet.

These trademarks will often appear in original series that celebrate the successes of a certain company or group of customers, but often this content is trademarked as well to protect the business.

A good rule of thumb when dealing with trademarked content is to steer clear and create your own original and creative spin on what you want to say.
This approach will save you a lot of time and prevent you from getting wrapped up in trademark issues!
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How Do I Use Mailchimp For SMS?

Since Mailchimp is a service that provides content to your customers, you will already have a solid foundation for embarking on your SMS campaign.

First, you’ll want to collect mobile numbers if you have not done so already.

It is likely that you will already have access to some of your clients’ phone numbers through your email correspondence, but your SMS texts will invite even more customers into the messaging realm.

You’ll also want to establish some SMS keywords to include in your content, and you can use Mailchimp to help you find the concepts you want to talk about.

Once you send your first SMS text, a new page is now available in your Mailchimp settings, and you’ll be able to view the success of the text and how many individuals opened it as well.

Continue to refer back to these metrics and alter your SMS to accommodate what you see there.

If you are already using Mailchimp, you are in a great spot to begin implementing SMS into your marketing strategy!

How Kennected Uses SMS to Our Advantage

Here at Kennected, we value putting our customers first and making sure that the content they receive is fresh, relevant, and caters to their own desires.

If your customers respond well to texts that are more personal, use that to your advantage.

If the open rates on the texts you send with images are higher, use more images in your SMS!

Above all else, listen to your customers and model your content after what performs the best using the metrics provided by Mailchimp and other platforms. 

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