Can You Text With Zoho

As an SMS extension, Zoho CRM is an SMS marketing platform specifically designed to support any business text messaging you want to partake in.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What Zoho CRM is and how to use it

  • SMS marketing and its functionality

  • What a Zoho creator means and entails

  • The features of Zoho that you can use

Read on to learn more about Zoho CRM and all that SMS messaging can provide for your business!

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is an SMS messaging service that specializes in the sending and receiving of SMS messages.

As a downloadable service, the Zoho marketplace is a software that supports text messaging, data collection, and unique features like SMS magic, all within Zoho.

Years ago, digital text messaging was not a popular service, as the rise in digital marketing had yet to occur.

Platforms like Zoho CRM came into effect due to this rise in sending SMS via mobile devices, so Zoho CRM software is designed to help with sending text messages and other digital marketing services you may need assistance with.

Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved when you want to send SMS, and how SMS providers like Zoho CRM help you get it done effectively.

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How Do You Send SMS?

The first step towards sending SMS is to choose a provider.

When using Zoho as your SMS provider, you will download the software, accept the terms and conditions that go along with it, and begin to explore all that the application has to offer.

After you download the Zoho CRM software, you can begin setting up your SMS campaigns.

Your software will provide you with a place to create content for your text messages, which you will then send out to your designated list of contacts.

Let’s outline all that your SMS messages can accomplish for your business:

  • Reach your clients quickly with a text message

  • Send details about past services

  • Allow for processing of personal data through an SMS extension

  • Allow your clients to subscribe to receive notifications from your business and text messaging

  • Attach a file or link your website to a text message

  • Send SMS with additional information and videos about a specific aspect of your product

  • Receive notifications from this topic and within Zoho CRM software

  • Use features to accept new users and send SMS via the software

Within Zoho CRM, there are a lot of features designed to make it easy for you to send SMS and use the details of the service to constantly improve your campaigns.

What is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is a feature of the Zoho application that essentially allows you the capability to create your own software with its own function and purpose.

Once you accept the terms and conditions for Zoho CRM, you will now have access to additional information and details about the Zoho Creator function.

You can then search the Zoho community or submit a request to create your own application from there.

For our business messaging purposes, Zoho Creator is where your SMS campaign will be created and effectively launched, all by using Zoho CRM software and the additional information they provide to you.

When using Zoho Creator, you’ll see a world of possibilities for your SMS open up, so let’s take a closer look into what features Zoho CRM presents to you after you choose them as an SMS provider.

Features of Zoho For Your Business Texting

When sending SMS via Zoho CRM, you are now able to reap the benefits of the service and enjoy a variety of functions that the software comes with.

  • Access to the 2022 Zoho Japan corporation and their database

  • Ability to attach a file and videos to your SMS messages

  • Consent details and options to accept your SMS for your customers

  • Links to surveys and options for submitting this form through a text message

  • Use Zoho Creator to use sticky posts and contact 2022 Zoho corporation PVT if needed

  • Accept any incoming messages from your clients and sort them into organizational databases provided by Zoho Creator

  • Use SMS to foster important client relationships and send important information quickly and effectively

Using Zoho CRM and the Zoho Creator will help guide your SMS campaigns and make sure that you are effectively reaching your target audience.

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How Kennected Uses SMS Messaging

At Kennected, we have seen businesses like ourselves flourish by using SMS marketing and software like the one that Zoho CRM provides.

Years ago, the digital marketing world did not exist, and providers like Zoho CRM were not needed by businesses for their SMS messaging capabilities.

However, we now see that these SMS providers and the ability to create text messaging campaigns is an extremely valuable service, and one that makes a lot of difference for all businesses.

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