What is Text Message Marketing

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Text message marketing, or SMS marketing, refers to any text messages that are being sent from your business to your clients.

Even if you are using this marketing method to simply reach out to a client with no marketing intent, that message still falls under the category of SMS text message marketing.

Like email marketing campaigns, your text messaging will be constructed around SMS marketing software that allows you to enter in any customer phone numbers that you want included in your SMS messaging.

This can include existing customers, a target audience, and even potential customers, as long as you receive explicit permission to send marketing texts to those specific phone numbers.

Since these mobile marketing campaigns are confined to the format of the text message, make sure that you are including timely and relevant information in your text marketing.

Let’s review exactly what should be within your SMS text messages and what content is better formatted through a different marketing tool.

What Do SMS Marketing Messages Include?

As a marketing message, each text message you send out from your business should have a clear purpose and intention behind it.

Text message marketing statistics show that text messages have a 98% open rate versus a lower than 30% open rate from email messages– the messages you send WILL be opened and read by your clients!

Let’s outline what your SMS messages can include:

  • Mobile coupons

  • Flash sales

  • An image or attachment to improve brand recognition

  • Any business news or text message advertising

  • Appointment reminders

  • Examples of lead generation

  • Social media ads

  • Direct mail and business news daily through marketing automation

Your mobile messaging will likely look different from day to day, so embrace the variety!

In general, it is best to structure your SMS marketing campaigns around simple and easy to access content, like social media ads and others listed above.

The reason for this is because you don’t want to bog down your customers with endless information all condensed into a single text message– if you try to do too much SMS advertising within a single message, it will likely reduce the rate at which customers respond.

Long form content is usually better suited for email marketing and blogs for your business.

Another item to consider when sending messages is the frequency at which you decide to send SMS to your clients’ mobile phones.

Since SMS marketing is a powerful tool, many small businesses will attempt to send multiple messages a day to multiple channels, thinking that the higher frequency in messages will result in a higher average click through rate.

However, overloading your clients with text messages is more likely to end up annoying customers and leading them to opt out of your SMS campaign.

Most customers will appreciate seeing SMS content from your business a few times a week, and this approach will give you a higher opt in rate and boost the efficacy of your text message service.

Whatever content is inside a given text message, make sure to keep the interests and values of the customer at the center of the text.

SMS marketing is all about catering to the needs of the client, so keeping their perspective central to each of your text messages will serve your SMS marketing campaigns well.

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How Do I Make My SMS Messages Effective?

SMS marketing statistics indicate that there are a few key elements that an SMS campaign must have in order to be effective:

  1. Short and Sweet Texts

  2. Sending Texts at Appropriate Times

  3. Adding Value to Your Messages

  4. Get Permission!

Let’s unpack each of these elements to see how best to make your text message marketing effective.

Short SMS messages

As previously mentioned above, it is extremely important to keep your text messages short and to the point.

Other marketing channels like your email marketing and blogging articles are well suited for long form content, so be sure to separate out only the most important messages for your SMS marketing services.

As a short message service, it is good to include mobile targeting tactics that lend themselves well to the mobile phone format.

This means it is a good idea to examine your SMS advertising and decide if it is best represented through a text message or through another mobile marketing channel.

This may take some trial and error, but as long as you are keeping your short form content in your text messaging and your long form content in your other marketing channels, you should be in a great spot with your marketing strategies.

Sending Text at Appropriate Times

This is a really important factor to consider in your mobile messaging, and it is also something that often gets overlooked.

Think of your text message marketing like phone calls– you would not call a client outside of normal business hours unless it was an absolute emergency.

Your text messaging marketing should follow this same rule, and you’ll see many customers appreciative of you respecting their time.

Additionally, it is unlikely that you’ll see consumers respond outside of normal business hours, so if responses are your goal, that is another reason to keep your marketing campaign within this time frame.

When you use SMS marketing, always be thinking about how you would perceive the text message as your own client.

This mindset will help you strengthen your marketing efforts and remind you to use EZ texting more sparingly than you might want to.

Adding Value to your SMS

Something you should be thinking about at every stage in your text marketing is the value or purpose behind every message.

Think of every text message as its own mini SMS marketing campaign.

You want to add value to your messages for a few reasons, but mainly you would like to keep them involved in your text message advertising, and they will likely only do so if they see can feel your intentionality through their mobile devices.

Depending on your marketing strategy, you may want to use SMS marketing primarily to send along product updates and other related content.

If this is the case, make sure that your SMS subscribers are benefitting from these updates in some form, either through discounts or early access to upcoming events.

Make your text marketing a valuable and desirable service!

Get Permission!

One of the most important features of a marketing campaign is the process of obtaining consent from each individual on your SMS list.

The telephone consumer protection act states that every SMS marketing channel must have an opt in feature to serve as a “subscription” to your marketing campaign, alongside an opt out that allows the customer to unsubscribe from your SMS if they choose.

Without receiving an opt in from a given customer, you will not be legally allowed to use your marketing software to send that phone number SMS.

The opt out feature is just as important– though you may have received consent from this client to send text messages, it is also crucial to respect their wishes if you choose to opt out from your campaign.

Including this option in every single text message you send will help make your SMS marketing campaign user friendly and respectful.

How To Create A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Now that we know all about the efficacy of SMS marketing and the different elements that go into a successful campaign, let’s review how you should go about creating your own text message marketing channels.

The likely first step here is to take a step back and create an SMS marketing budget.

You’ll want to see how much money you are willing to devote towards your SMS marketing, and seeing this written out will help you make an informed decision about your provider and costs.

You may also want to think about pieces of your company that can also be boosted by your SMS.

Consider your sales cycle, the frequency at which brands contact both you and your customers, and begin to collect phone numbers that you can use for SMS or some other marketing channel.

SMS marketing statistics show that businesses will have a much more successful SMS marketing experience if they take the time to sort out each facet of the endeavor before jumping right in.

Follow the advice of these SMS marketing statistics, and take as much time as you need to configure your SMS approach before diving into your text message marketing campaign.

How Kennected Uses SMS Marketing in our Marketing Strategy

Here at Kennected, we have seen the power of well constructed text message marketing both through our own efforts and through the SMS of other businesses.

We like to use text messages to reach our target audience quickly and effectively, especially when we have just finished setting up services with that client.

Text message marketing is a great way to connect with customers on a professional and personal level, and we have seen the benefits of this service firsthand.

Once you get started on your own text message marketing campaign, you too will see your customer relations improved, as well as your overall marketing methods. 

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