Tech’s Prevalence In Real Estate & The Business World

As technology continues to spread into every facet of our lives, it is becoming increasingly important to educate everyone involved in specific organizations about software developments and their applicability.  

One such area is real estate. CEO of Hiveologie, Sabine Steinbrecher is taking it upon herself to ensure that real estate agents are equipped with the knowledge and ability to utilize technology in their daily operations.

A RisMedia article details Steinbrecher’s thoughts on the rise of tech in real estate and how she believes that agents need to be prepared for even more software development in the near future.

“The partnership materialized when Steinbrecher met Allen Alishahi, co-founder and president of ShelterZoom, and the two bonded over their shared commitment toward educating agents to help them understand the transition.

“For the most part, ShelterZoom has solutions that are blockchain-based, and they really try to be a leader in the space, as do we. When we began talking, it became clear that it would be a great fit,” says Steinbrecher, who can’t say enough about the ideas and solutions that have been brought to the table as the two companies, and their content experts, work together to deliver something truly exciting to real estate agents.

“For me, the most important thing is that agents understand why this matters, and why blockchain, crypto and other Web3 tech, is changing the industry,” says Steinbrecher.

One of the most obvious examples centers around smart contracts, where things are more secure, and people can share documentation in a very different way. ShelterZoom’s marketing elements also stand to be a huge plus in terms of getting information in front of those who need it with benefits only blockchain can provide.

“The core of this is a combination of proptech and fintech elements,” says Steinbrecher. “Our goal is to create something that makes this seem as approachable as possible in order to show agents that it’s really not that scary.”

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This article highlights the fact that technology used to be not heavily involved in the real estate industry, and this change often results in confused agents who are not sure where software fits into their job description.

Like with any industry, it is important for those within it to understand every aspect of the business and how outside resources can be used to their advantage.

Real estate agents are learning how technology can help them to sell property, and more importantly, they are realizing that software developments help their cause and are not as convoluted as they seem from an outside perspective.

Mimic this mindset in your business for the benefit of your employees and clients.

Technology should be a crucial part of your business, and it should serve to benefit rather than make things more difficult. Give your employees and customers the necessary resources to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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