Technology Enters the Sports Sphere

As sports continue to grow and evolve, new technologies are surfacing as well.

Gameplay and reviewing tactics are helping to change the game and streamline certain movements and strategies.

A recent article by the Cornell Chronicle details these new algorithms and what they mean for the future of sport.

“Algorithms developed in Cornell’s Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Controls can predict the in-game actions of volleyball players with more than 80% accuracy, and now the lab is collaborating with the Big Red hockey team to expand the research project’s applications.

The algorithms are unique in that they take a holistic approach to action anticipation, combining visual data – for example, where an athlete is located on the court – with information that is more implicit, like an athlete’s specific role on the team.

“Computer vision can interpret visual information such as jersey color and a player’s position or body posture,” said Silvia Ferrari, the John Brancaccio Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, who led the research. “We still use that real-time information, but integrate hidden variables such as team strategy and player roles, things we as humans are able to infer because we’re experts at that particular context.”

Ferrari and doctoral students Junyi Dong and Qingze Huo trained the algorithms to infer hidden variables the same way humans gain their sports knowledge – by watching games. The algorithms used machine learning to extract data from videos of volleyball games, and then used that data to help make predictions when shown a new set of games.

The results were published Sept. 22 in the journal ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, and show the algorithms can infer players’ roles – for example, distinguishing a defense-passer from a blocker – with an average accuracy of nearly 85%, and can predict multiple actions over a sequence of up to 44 frames with an average accuracy of more than 80%. The actions included spiking, setting, blocking, digging, running, squatting, falling, standing and jumping.”

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With this new technology, sports and software are combining to create the highest level of performance and analytics.

While sports is one industry where functions are not heavily reliant on automation tools or technology at all, the surge represents a greater lesson.

When these more tangible industries begin to employ automation tools, it becomes clear that software has the potential to transform any endeavor.

This is true for any business, especially any business in the SaaS space.

If you’re not employing automation to streamline your business processes, you’ll soon fall behind the curve.

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