Technology as a Supplement to Learning in the Classroom

As technology has become increasingly prevalent, schools globally are working new tech and software into their curriculum.

This has been met with strife from some educators and excitement for others, as it both opens up new opportunities and can present some challenges too.

A report by Education News interviewed Missouri educator Patricia Brown to get her thoughts on technology in the classroom space.

“For a long time—especially early on, when we were first adopting the use of technology—it was always about that “wow,” that cool thing you can do. I remember thinking around the time when we first adopted iPads, and it was always the whole mantra: ‘There’s an app for that.’ We were just pulling so many resources, so many tools, so many apps, where it was completely overwhelming for a teacher. So I started to think about what we actually want students to do with the technology? What can technology do? Where can it take us? Where can we provide those opportunities for our kids to be creators and producers and critical thinkers and not just consumers of technology?

For me, when I’m using technology with my students, it is not an add-on. It’s not just a cool thing that you do. It’s integrated in the classroom, where it’s a part of the curriculum and it’s a part of the learning process. We learn with technology, we learn through technology, we allow it to provide opportunities that we wouldn’t have [had] before.

I know that every student doesn’t learn the same way, but what technology allows us to do is to differentiate [and] provide those different opportunities for our students. It allows teachers to have a more efficient way for them to grade papers, for them to roll out curriculum, for them to interact with their students, for them to create more innovative projects.”

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A key distinction that Brown makes in her interview is between using technology as an “add on” as opposed to integrating it into student learning. 

As new technology has become more readily available to students and teachers alike, the temptation to use software and devices to simplify certain subjects is massive.

However, Brown highlights the importance of not taking this route. Technology should be used to supplement learning rather than to overtake it. 

The very same principle applies to business.

It can be tempting to automate all business processes, as technology works around the clock to ensure progress and revenue generation.

Despite this appeal, technology should only be used to supplement certain goals and projects.

Using software to automate everything within a business will result in disaster. 

Instead, technology can be implemented to serve alongside a certain process, combining the strengths of your employees and the software to create a solid workflow.

Embrace the power of tech, but don’t let it overpower your employees and skillsets.

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