Do Tech Sales Pay Well?

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The base salary of a general salesperson is $53,719 per year in the United States. However, a tech salesperson can make up to $83,598, depending on the company you work for.

Tech has been a consistent source of high-paying jobs and security for many programmers and engineers.

However, this salary may vary depending on their level of experience, place of employment, and the specific types of technical products they sell.

Additional factors like education and location can influence technology sales salaries.

They can also receive commissions for the sales they complete, sometimes making an extra $12,000 a year.

In addition to commission and other traditional benefits of a sales job.

If you’re good with people and enjoy helping others solve problems, you could be a good fit for a technology sales career.

Some companies and businesses also provide salespeople with helpful benefits, such as health insurance, 401(k) matching, and employee discounts.

As the tech industry grows, companies need more and more customer-facing roles that liaise with customers and translate their products into revenue.

What Is A Tech Salesperson?

If you looked up “Salesperson” on LinkedIn, you’d find it’s currently ranked as the most in-demand job globally.

A tech salesperson represents a company and speaks with other executives to sell a product.

This involves regularly reaching out to potential customers and selling large volumes of a product.

While working as a salesperson, individuals can develop versatile soft skills they can use in other occupations or sales positions.

These skills can include communication, negotiation, problem-solving and more.

What State Pays Tech Sales Professionals The Most?

Technical sales representatives make the most in San Francisco, California, at $119,403, averaging total compensation 27% greater than the U.S. average.

Along with San Francisco, San Jose pays exceptionally and combined had 5,000 corporate sales jobs in 2019.

What Are On-Target Earnings?

On-target earnings (OTE) refers to an employee’s composite pay structure of a base salary and an additional variable component (in sales, this usually means commission).

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Sales Engagement Tools

Sales engagement tools provide salespeople with robust data and analytics to help them determine when and how to contact leads and potential customers.

The software gathers information from past sales and customer interactions, then gives the sales team suggestions on the best way to contact certain customers and when they should reach out to close the deal.

Lead Enrichment Tools

Lead enrichment tools provide a company with helpful information about businesses, and other sales leads with no manual research.

Often, this information provides the company with details about a business’s demographic information, social media accounts, revenue, and more.

Using lead enrichment tools can help companies save time and provide influential data on businesses to help them sell their products more efficiently.

What Can I Do In Tech Sales?

If you’re looking for industry opportunities, you’ll struggle to find more options than a career in tech sales.

The industry spans various sectors, including software, IT, BioTech, EdTech, FoodTech, GreenTech, Fintech, CleanTech, etc.

Once you have the soft skills to sell technical products and work with clients, you can transfer these sales skills into any technology sector.

It doesn’t matter what job you decide to pursue – you’ll need excellent communication skills to succeed and work with people.

For example, a tech sales career offers employees the chance to grow their communication skills. You’ll sell products and services to businesses and customers.

In turn, you’ll learn how to communicate with all types of people.

Starting In Sales

Few careers have as much potential for advancement as that of a tech sales professional.

Several billionaires and tech investors, including Larry Ellison and Mark Cuban, began their careers in technology sales.

If you’re just getting started in your tech sales career, you’ll be applying to mostly SDR positions.

You’ll need to start as a business development rep and work your way to an account executive position. This entry-level position usually takes between 1-2 years.

In most cases, you will need previous sales experience as an SDR or other entry-level sales rep, before you can win a spot as a tech sales account executive.

From then, the path depends on your interests and strengths.

The skillset you acquire will be so complete you’ll be able to transition to managing bigger accounts, leading a team as a sales manager, transitioning to the marketing team, and starting your own company.

The opportunities are endless! ‍

A day in the life of a tech salesperson can vary widely, but the position itself is not unlike many other sales jobs.

Tech sales as a career isn’t a typical 9-5 job, and you can build your hours to fit your schedule.

Many tech sales professionals will set their daily schedules, and if they hit their targets and sales quotas – companies are more than happy to allow them to do so.

Tech sales employees can also work as much or as little as possible.

The primary difference is that tech salespeople work in one of the fastest-growing (and profitable) fields, using their sales skills to build relationships with clients.

The skillset you acquire will be so complete you’ll be able to transition to managing bigger accounts, leading a team as a sales manager, transitioning to the marketing team, etc.

Tech sales also offer fantastic commission packages. If you’re driven, determined, and willing to work long hours – you could double your salary with commission alone.


Many of the world‘s best business leaders have tremendous negotiation skills. It’s a skill that you’ll learn in tech sales, and it’s a skill that you can transfer to any industry or role.

Moreover, if you start your own business, these skills will prove invaluable.

Customer Satisfaction

Long-term relationships are important in the world of technology sales.

That means it’s the job of the tech salesperson to follow up with prospects and clients to ensure everything is working for them.


Networking is a huge part of technology sales, as deals often come in by word-of-mouth.

Working as a salesperson for a technology company can allow individuals to meet various people from different industries and companies.

Building relationships with the right people can be extremely valuable when selling complex systems and technology products.

Making friends and speaking with prospects is a big part of the industry.

Acceptable Total Compensation

Sales Development Representatives vs. Account Executives

According to data from Betts Recruiting, the typical compensation structure (base/commission) for SDRs is 65%/35%. For AEs, it’s 50%/50%.

AEs are “closers,” and their compensation is set up accordingly. If an AE closes a deal, they make the commission. If they lose the deal, they don’t earn the commission.

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Microsoft's Slow Decline

Microsoft is not the giant it used to be, but they are still making big moves. Their recent release of high-end laptops has put them in solid competition with Mac.

They focus less on the sales of their operating systems and have begun to focus on hardware which seems to be working out great for them.

Only about 25% of its quarterly revenue comes from software now.

An Inside Secret For The Tech Industry

Whatever route you take, a career in the technology industry is fulfilling, fascinating, and full of opportunity.

And yet many people without a technical background never consider a career in tech.

Let us share a little secret: not only are there non-technical roles at tech companies – they make up the majority of the jobs out there!

Should You Pursue A Career In Sales?

If you’re an independent, strategic, confident, motivated, and knowledgeable individual, you’ll succeed in a sales career.

It’s one of the few careers where hiring capability is dependent on experience, not education. Plus, demand for qualified tech sales professionals is high.

So high that some sales bootcamps offer ‘fellowship’ programs that are entirely free of charge and include a guaranteed job at the end.

In Europe alone, the tech industry generates 120,000 jobs every year.

Furthermore, the technology industry is booming, and tech sales offer the best sales careers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that sales positions will grow 5.2% overall. However, sales positions within the tech industry are likely to exceed that growth.

Here are some statistics on the growth of the tech industry:

  • The tech industry will reach exceed a value of $5 trillion in 2022.

  • The USA represents 33% of the world’s technology market.

  • The pandemic caused 76% of companies to create long-term IT changes within their business, providing enormous opportunities for people in tech sales.

You control how much you make. It’s not based on waiting your turn for a promotion or asking your boss for a raise. Your earnings are directly correlated with your work output.

And your earnings are “uncapped” because there is no limit (for most tech sales roles) on how much commission you can make.

The Bottom Line For Technology Sales

The tech industry’s growth shows zero signs of slowing down, and the sheer wealth and economic influence of the industry mean there is always money in tech sales.

A career in tech sales can be fascinating. You get to meet and work with intelligent people, solve meaningful, exciting challenges and develop skills that can be useful for a lifetime. ‍

You don’t need a degree or a specific background. Good salespeople come from diverse backgrounds, and companies know it.

Rather than a degree, companies look for soft skills such as resilience, a continuous learning mindset, and passion and drive to succeed.

Technology salespeople have the opportunity to learn new techniques and how to operate them.

The pay is substantial regardless of your seniority. Salaries vary greatly depending on your city and company.

Tech sales is a great career to hit your financial goals.

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