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Tatango SMS software is priced at $199 per month, and does not offer a free version or a free trial option for its customers.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What Tatango is

  • What political SMS marketing software is

  • What makes up a complete political SMS platform

  • How Tatango stacks up against any other texting provider

  • The best ways to use SMS marketing and political campaigns

Keep reading to learn all about this SMS marketing software and how Tatango integrates seamlessly into your SMS campaigns.

What is Tatango?

Tatango is an SMS service designed to aid your business with any text message marketing or messages sent from your company to your clients.

Tatango supports a variety of functions within its software, and all are meant to help the texting service give you the best mass text messaging capabilities possible.

Bigger companies and any small company would benefit from Tatango, as text messages are useful for reaching customers quickly and enhancing the overall ease of communication efforts.

As a political SMS marketing service, Tatango is a provider that is mainly geared toward campaign boosting and revenue generation.

Let’s take a closer look at what political campaigns are and how they function within a business.

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What is Political SMS Marketing?

Like traditional SMS marketing platforms, political SMS is structured around bulk text messaging and the respective subscribers that go along with this texting.

Enterprise marketers who are looking to support a political campaign of some kind may use Tatango to create a good platform for their text subscribers.

However, political SMS marketing does not always have to be rooted in a political campaign– software liken Tatango can be used to advance the marketing and sales efforts of any business.

You can use political campaigns to send ad hoc messages, reach your SMS and social media subscribers simultaneously, send out fundraising program pros, and use the service to provide great customer service.

Tatango users can can even send messages out from more than one “org,” allowing them to use comprehensive analytics to best reach difference audiences for their varied messages.

Let’s go over what a complete SMS platform looks like with Tatango and the ways that it can be used for the benefit of your business.

What is a Complete Political SMS Platform?

A complete SMS platform essentially means that you can launch more political campaigns from the same software than a traditional SMS software would allow you to do.

Let’s outline all that a complete platform allows you to do:

  • Great visual previews and usage of third party cookies

  • No character limits

  • A full salesforce marketing cloud

  • The option to use multiple usernames for constant contact on SMS platforms

  • Settings to have one campaign reach many clients

  • The option to automatically share in real time reporting style

  • The ability to raise donations and other transactions through a back end system

While Tatango pricing is fixed at $199 per month for the entire program, many SMS providers have fluctuating pricing information depending on what specific services you will be utilizing.

Let’s unpack what makes a good platform and see how Tatango compares to other providers.

How Does Tatango Pricing Compare With Other SMS Providers?

As a small company looking to expand into the digital marketing realm, it can be difficult to compare the starting price and different titles in a comprehensive way to see who really has the better prices.

When choosing Tatango or a generic SMS provider, you may first want to take some time to evaluate what your business truly needs from the service.

Some politics pros (or Tatango pros):

  • Google shortner option to aid in SMS communication

  • One log to keep all of the relevant consumer information in one place

  • The ability to set reminders for a regular basis

  • Access to the Tatango logo and the ability to contact Tatango at any time

  • Incorporate any features of your mid size business into your SMS, including sales, marketing, and simple outreach efforts

When considering this type of SMS software, a big thing may be the importance of a wide variety of features and high functionality.

Most traditional SMS providers lack mobile wallet functionality, meaning that you are individually responsible for making sure that all of the moving parts in your SMS are running smoothly.

With a complete plan like Tatango, you’ll have access to a live rep and be able to contact tatango for pricing and any other issues that may arise.

Additionally, most SMS providers feature a free trial, which allows you to see how the software works, but you will see the price jumped intensely if you want to upgrade at any time.

At $199 a month, Tatango is a really good platform and a great value for money, especially for a small business that is looking to use SMS in an expansive and beneficial way.

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Best Ways To Use SMS Marketing Software

Regardless of which software method you choose, you want to make sure that you are using SMS to your advantage and benefiting from it at every stage.

As an exceptional addition to your marketing strategy, SMS targets an area that easily slips through the cracks– fostering client relationships.

The best feature of an SMS campaign like one launched through Tatango is the ability it gives you to reach your customers through a mass text, especially if your only existing forms of communication are email and social media.

You want to make sure your subscribers hear about any new product updates, as well as if a person carries any valuable feedback for you and your business.

Make your SMS texts valuable to your clients by providing discounts, important information, and other helpful messages to make their subscription worthwhile.

As long as you keep your clients at the center of your SMS messaging, you’ll be in a great spot with your SMS marketing.

How Kennected Uses SMS Messaging

At Kennected, we are always keeping our clients at the center of what we do.

SMS marketing and messaging platforms allow us to continue to do this, and even help us with fostering important relationships with the customers we work with.

Keep your clients at the heart of your SMS marketing, and be creative with what you choose to send.

Use SMS to your advantage and see your business flourish. 

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