Talent and Technology: The Two Keys to Business Success

As businesses everywhere strive for growth and greatness, a recent article by Post Bulletin has highlighted the two necessities that get companies there: talent and technology.

Here is what the article states:

“According to the recent SCORE study “Megaphone of Main Street,” next to capital, there are two things every business needs in order to be successful in the Digital Age: high-quality employees and easy access to the latest technology.

Unfortunately, survey respondents told us those can be much harder to come by in rural communities. That puts small businesses in rural geographies at a major disadvantage.

Small business owners everywhere need help and health care to thrive. Although rural entrepreneurs are uniquely disadvantaged due to lack of population density and technology access, small businesses everywhere face real challenges. And they need real help to overcome them.

In both rural and non-rural areas, what small business owners said would most help them be successful in the coming year is better health care options, which could help them remain competitive with larger firms with regard to attracting and retaining workers.

When the rural population declines, the working population shifts. Small businesses in rural areas are 26% more likely than small businesses in non-rural areas to say they have trouble finding qualified employees in their area.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

As the article details, having good talent and solid technology within your business has the potential to bring your business to new heights.

Your talented employees are the ones who bring your mission and values to life through their work and outreach efforts.

Your technology and automation tools are what support these goals and help to automate certain processes within the larger scope of your business.

With talent and technology in your business arsenal, you will see amazing results and improvements across the organization.

Examine your existing business processes, and see if you need more talent or more technology.

Make sure that your talent shares your vision and is committed to bringing it to life, and ensure that your automation tools support these goals.

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