What Makes A Successful Sales Team?


It’s always important to have an edge over the competition if you are trying to grow your business. A strong sales team might just give you that competitive advantage, especially if you build a solid and competent one.

Think about it: if two companies sold products of the same quality, the one with the more skilled sales team would get the sale.

Whether you want to beat your competitors or just want your business to thrive, you need a team of hardworking, motivated, and committed salespeople. But building a strong sales team is easier said than done.

Today we’re going to talk about how to make a successful sales team and how to manage the one you have right now. Managing a sales team is definitely a challenge, but your business will grow significantly if you do it right. Let’s take a closer look.

How to Create a Successful Sales Team

One of the reasons why Kennected was able to grow so quickly within a short period of time was because of its incredible sales team.

You need to have people with the same level of drive and determination—and then you need to cultivate an environment that is transparent and driven. By putting competitive people together in a transparent environment, the whole company benefits.

In order to become transparent, you need to know where you are and where you need to be. That’s how you can set challenging yet realistic goals for your entire sales team. Once you have a roadmap, you can provide your team with the support that they need to reach your destination.

Creating a successful sales team can be tricky, and there is definitely no one-size-fits-all solution. You need to know what your company needs and what kind of people you need on your sales team. Some people are naturally talented, while others take a bit of time and training in order to fully blossom.

When building a sales team, you will naturally have a lot of different personalities working for you. So you need to know your role: you are both a mentor and a supporter for your team. Your goal is to keep them focused on the job at hand so they can be more successful.

Because of varying personalities, you may have to learn different managerial skills: different people need to be managed differently. Try to learn about their motivations and use it to energize your team members.

Here are other tips that can make your sales team more successful overall.

Get Your Reps In

Building a sales team is simple: you hire people with pleasing personalities who are trainable and then teach them your sales process. But building a successful sales team takes a lot more work.

Although it sounds obvious, the key to success is continuous and effective training. Practice, practice, practice: engage your team with regular role playing sales scenarios to prepare them for everything thrown their way.

Role playing in sales can take a huge amount of stress from your sales team because they can get an idea of what to expect during those situations. This is one of your most valuable tools. It will teach your salespeople effective ways to meet customers, handle them, and then close a sale.

Manuals and lectures can give them the knowledge—but role playing with you acting as the customer will give them an active form of experience. The learning rate with role playing is high because they get to apply the techniques they have learned in training.

Invest into Sales Training

Speaking of training, you don’t need to be a business expert to know that it matters. Sales training is a very important part of building the best sales team you could possibly have. In fact, continuous learning needs to be a regular part of your culture.

Invest in training as well as personal development. The training should always emphasize the fundamentals such as product knowledge, prospecting, communication, and opportunity management.

Investing into sales training means investing in your salespeople, and that is your most effective asset. They will drive sales and allow your business to reach its goals. It’s not just about investing in product development, marketing, and recruitment. Your sales force has a greater impact especially if they are hitting or exceeding their targets consistently.

Also think about how you distribute accounts. Although it’s natural to want to give all the best opportunities to your best salespeople, you need to stick with a balanced system that’s fair. This will give other members of your sales team the opportunity to learn and grow, which will only make your team stronger as a whole. Give everyone plenty of opportunities to succeed.

Give Constant Feedback to Your Sales Team

Developing a great sales team is a continuous process, and it’s not enough to just train your salespeople. It is important to give them constant feedback so they know what they are doing right and what they need to keep working on. Constructive feedback will point them in the right direction so they can make the right changes to their approach when necessary.

Think about how coaches and players in pro sports watch game tapes to analyze past performances and figure out how to get better. This also applies to sales. It is very much a collaborative journey so take the time to figure out how to apply new strategies to reach different goals.

You need to make sure you have people who are coachable for this to work. Your hires should be good at taking feedback and applying them. When role playing sales scenarios, ask them how they think they did and then give them feedback. Proper self-assessment shows awareness and knowledge which makes them easier to coach.

Personal Development

Training your team to be a cohesive unit is essential, but you also need to work on building them up on an individual level. Get your team into listening to uplifting podcasts, reading books and content that will lift their mind and create a winning mindset. Help them develop healthy habits that keep them motivated and inspired.

It’s also a good idea to set the bar high for your sales team. Even if you achieve just 70 percent of a stretch goal, that is still better than achieving 100 percent of a mediocre goal. Just make sure that when you set your sales goals high, they are still achievable. It encourages team members to always give their best effort.

Creating a Spirit of Adaptability

We mentioned earlier that your team should be prepared for anything thrown their way. As their mentor and leader, you need to develop that spirit of adaptability so that team members can always be effective no matter what the situation.

Make it a part of the training process. Encourage them to solve new problems so that actual issues are easier to handle when they do encounter them.

Remember that it’s not just the strong that survive; it’s the resourceful and adaptable. Make sure your sales team is able to pivot mid-sale. This is an essential skill.

Technology Kennected Uses to Create Better Sales Results

Training and incentives can only go so far. Using the right tools and technology can take your sales team to the next level. Some companies have embraced technology, while others are still intimidated by it.

Don’t get left behind by your competition. You need tools for lead generation, marketing automation, customer relations, etc. These tools will save a lot of time for your sales team, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best: sell your products.

Here are a few of Kennected’s recommendations for technology that will bring you better sales results.

Cloud Kennect

Building a sales team can be tough, but sometimes getting qualified leads is tougher. Help your sales team get more qualified leads in far less time using LinkedIn automation.

Why LinkedIn? It’s the biggest social platform for professionals online. It has over 756 million users around the world, and it’s still growing. That number includes CEOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, recruiters, and professionals from different industries. LinkedIn is where they are hanging out online.

LinkedIn is full of highly qualified leads, and Cloud Kennect is the revenue engine you need in order to reach them.

It’s very easy to use. You just identify your ideal prospects on LinkedIn to create a targeted list of qualified leads, and then you set up a proven cold outreach messaging sequence that will actually get responses. Cloud Kennect will send your messages automatically, but not in bulk—as if you were sending them manually. When a lead responds, you can take the conversation from there.

Cloud Kennect will make life easier for your sales team, allowing them to be more effective overall.

Kennected Video

Kennected Video is another tool your team can use to boost your sales. It lets you create and send personalized video messages through your favorite channels so you can stay connected from anywhere. Kennected Video makes it super easy to record, trim, and edit highly impactful videos that you can send to your leads.

You can record your screen or upload existing videos to make your pitch even better. You can even create a rolodex of evergreen video content that you can use over and over.

Video in general is a powerful medium for developing strong business relationships. They are eye-catching and informative. You can use Kennected Video to send highly personalized video messages to qualified leads.


Gong is a revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams that helps you close more deals by recording, transcribing, and analyzing all sales calls. Since your goal is to create a transparent work culture for your sales team, this can be very useful.

Gong gives you an unfiltered look at what’s happening with your sales team, your market, and all your deals. This helps you make decisions and develop strategies based on reality instead of opinions. This tool makes it easier in general to coach your team, identify deal risks, and close more sales.

HubSpot for CRM

There’s no doubt that you need a CRM or customer relationship management tool. And while there are plenty of CRMs out there, we use HubSpot because it provides better visibility into sales opportunities. It’s also an all-in-one platform, so it’s definitely more convenient for your sales team.

Aside from being a CRM, it’s also a social media management tool, an email marketing tool, and a content management system (CMS).

You can use HubSpot to gain valuable insights and actively coach reps. HubSpot’s wide range of benefits will come in handy as you manage your sales team and work with more clients.


As a sales engagement platform, Kixie can boost your sales team performance through automated calling and texting for HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho—and whatever CRM you are currently using. This tool can help your sales reps connect with prospects naturally as well as automatically.

Kixie’s main advantage is the fact that it can help you reach leads when they are engaged. It helps you close more deals by letting you jump on great sales opportunities instead of hoping someone would randomly engage with you. This can be a powerful tool for your business because it lets you develop stronger sales teams that can close more opportunities.

Zoom for Video Calls

If you want your sales team to close deals faster and meet their quotas, you have to consider using Zoom. It provides a more effective means of communication with their customers and prospects.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows your sales team to set up video meetings with their prospects. This is a lot more personal than the traditional phone call because prospects can actually see your face. This way, trust is easily established and a connection is quickly developed.

Additionally, if your sales team is in a video conference with prospects, they can gauge their interest more effectively because they can see their reactions and hear their voice. Zoom also has a ton of additional features that make communication smoother.

These are some of the top tools Kennected uses to create better results for our sales team. Try out the tips we’ve listed above and start using the tech included in this list. Build a stronger sales team today.

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