Staying Focused on Key Players in Sports and Business

As the NFL season heats up, so do the comments from the players and the fans.

Rivalries are in full swing, and teams continue to surprise sports fans week after week.

One such team is the New York Giants, who have surprised fans nationwide with their impressive start to the season.

Key Giants edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux had this to say about the surprise factor he and his teammates have garnered:

In one of the most unlikely starts to a season, the Giants are now 6–1 after narrowly defeating the Jaguars on Sunday and Kayvon Thibodeaux is putting the world on notice. 

After the 23–17 win, reporters caught up with the rookie edge rusher in the locker room and asked him about the outside world’s perception on this New York squad that is significantly surpassing expectations. 

“I don’t care what people around the league do. F— ‘em! F— all the people around the league,” Thibodeaux said, per “The only people that matter are the people in this room. The only people that are going to dictate what happens on Sunday are the people in this room. Excuse my French.”

Thibodeaux, who was selected with the No. 5 pick in April’s NFL draft, finished his day with three tackles and it appears to be unbothered by the lack of respect he and his teammates receive on a weekly basis. 

“I mean, listen, I think the greatest thing we do is we fight for respect in the locker room,” Thibodeaux said. “When you’re on that battlefield, I want you to not respect me.”

Read the rest of this article here. 

As a young professional athlete on the rise, Thibodeaux is in a unique position in many ways.

His team is playing well for the time being, and his attitude towards those who doubt their efforts is focused on what truly matters: the results.

This article is a great example of “ignoring the noise” and tuning out opinions that don’t play a role in performance or outcomes.

Like in sports, this is a great mentality to carry into business.

For your business, the only people that matter are your employees and your clients.

When you focus on the individuals who play a role in your success, great things happen.

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