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LinkedIn and Kennected are a match made in heaven: you get to find your ideal targets and reach out to hundreds of them too. But business consultants are among the professionals who can benefit the most out of this pairing.

Why? Well, LinkedIn is a social networking site that’s specifically built for business and professional relationships. It’s not just for jobseekers and recruiters anymore. LinkedIn is full of entrepreneurs—both small and large business owners.

It’s where entrepreneurs are hanging out online. No matter what type of business you are targeting, you will surely find them here. The best part is that LinkedIn has over 716 million users and it’s still growing.

So if you’re looking for leads for your consulting business, you should start focusing on LinkedIn today. Here we’re going to talk about how you can make the most out of LinkedIn by using Kennected.

Business Consultants are CRUSHING Lead Generation Using Kennected​

Business consultants can teach skills that business owners don’t know. They can help with the planning, implementation, and education of businesses. They also work directly with entrepreneurs to develop a business plan and identify marketing needs.

With the help of business consultants, entrepreneurs can also identify the resources they need to reach their next goal. Well-versed in business strategies, consultants can help gauge the direction of your business, which will eventually allow you to scale effectively.

Leads for business consultants can be found all over LinkedIn. But reaching out to them one by one is a huge waste of your time. Instead, you should let Kennected handle it.

Kennected is a LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to message hundreds and thousands of leads automatically. It sends your personalized messages one by one, as if you were sending them yourself, unlike other automation tools that will send them in bulk.

This means you can focus on the important things like working with existing clients, converting leads, and building strong relationships.

All you have to do is identify your target audience using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters. You can narrow it down to a specific demographic or make it as broad as you want. Then copy the search result URL and paste it onto Kennected.

You can then set a personalized message of your own or use Kennected’s reliable templates. This is how you set up a sequence. You can set up different sequences at the same time to target different groups of entrepreneurs.

Kennected gives you smart prospecting on autopilot so you can enjoy a stream of leads, connections, and appointments. Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you can hop into the conversation and start engaging them on a human level. You don’t have to sit around and wait for people to reply. You can focus all your energy on converting those who do answer.

Additionally, the moment they accept your connection request, you get access to their contact details and email address, as well as other information that are available publicly. You can view all that right in your Kennected dashboard. This makes it a lot easier for you to build your email list, SMS list, etc. You can even synchronize all your prospect details and activity to HubSpot with a click.

Finding business owners that need your help is easy on LinkedIn and connecting with them is easier with Kennected. Use this combination of LinkedIn and Kennected to crush your lead generation.

Why Business Consultants Should Be Using LinkedIn​

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is specifically designed to help businesspeople make professional connections. Here, you can find plenty of opportunities to grow your business, career, and network. That’s why LinkedIn is by far the best social media for generating leads.

But on LinkedIn, you won’t just find leads—you will find high quality leads. It’s like a large networking event that’s being attended by people from all industries. You can’t afford to miss it!

Not to mention that 40 percent are estimated to be active on LinkedIn every single day. This means the people you reach out to are likely to actually view your message.

Some business consultants wonder why they should be on LinkedIn, and the simple answer is that all your targets are spending their time here more than any other social networking platform.

Focus on LinkedIn because entrepreneurs who are active here are looking for ways to build their empire. The best business consultants in the industry are using this as an opportunity to find clients to work with. On LinkedIn, your conversion rate will be a lot higher. Your free sessions will lead to more conversions. The LinkedIn user base means business, and if they need an expert consultant, they will come looking for one.

In 2020, LinkedIn had more than 675 million users worldwide, and now it has over 716 million. In the US, it has more than 154 million users.

LinkedIn users are generally older, which is good because you’re looking for leads that are old enough to start and run a business.

The biggest age group is 46-55 years old, which covers 37 percent of the LinkedIn user base. Next is the 36-45 age group which covers 34 percent. Finally, 29 percent of LinkedIn’s users are over 56 years old.

But LinkedIn also has younger users. 16 percent are between 15 to 25 years old, while 27 percent are 26 to 35 years old. Millennials are rapidly growing their presence on LinkedIn. However, Gen Z is still a few years out before they need to be targeted on LinkedIn—they’re mostly spending their time on TikTok and YouTube.

In terms of location, 30 percent of LinkedIn users are in urban areas, 27 percent are in suburban areas, and 13 percent are in rural areas. This goes to show how much LinkedIn is geared towards business professionals who work in urban centers.

Finally, the biggest reason why you should focus your lead generation on LinkedIn is income demographics. Most of LinkedIn’s users in the US earn more than $75,000 per year. Your consulting business can really thrive in this environment.

Other social media can work for you too, but there’s no reason to miss out on this huge opportunity being offered by this gigantic professional platform.

Are You Still Prospecting Manually? SHAME!!!​

With LinkedIn automation, there’s really no reason to still be prospecting manually these days. Are you still clicking on profiles one by one and sending the same canned message? Chances are, your leads are already sick of this type of approach. So you’re actually wasting your time if you’re still spraying and praying on LinkedIn.

Manual prospecting is a thing of the past. It is one big time suck because it’s not as effective as it used to be.

LinkedIn automation can do all the boring work for you. With Kennected’s award-winning templates (and the ability to set up personalized messages of your own) you can reach out to more people and get more replies too.

Kennected will make sure you are landing new clients all the time, so you don’t get left behind by the competition. Imagine being able to send personalized messages to everyone in your defined geographic area or town that has a LinkedIn account. That’s the power of Kennected. Book a demo with Kennected today and see how we can help you grow your consulting business today!

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