How Do You Start A Professional Text

The way you start your professional text messages will differ depending on what content you are conveying to your specific audience. To sum it up, be courteous, polite and intriguing. Make people want to engage with you and your brand. How do you do that? Well, read below to learn more.

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all when it comes to opening a professional text message.

However, don’t be afraid of the possibilities.

Instead, welcome your professional text message freedom with open arms.

It’s up to you how to best convey your messages!

We’ll be taking a look into the various ways you can start your messages, and the best times to utilize these templates as well.

Let’s get right into the world of professional texting and all that it can do for you and your business.

What is a Professional Text Message?

A professional text message is any message you are sending from your business with the intent to convey relevant information to the message’s recipient(s).

Sending professional text messages is a great way to get into the world of text message marketing.

This method is a much more personal form of communication.

It will help you reach your customers faster and with ease.

You’ll create communication channels for your business texting to take place within.

You can create channels for specific clients, as well as direct message channels and even a channel for your own employees.

Your professional texts allow you to send messages outside of normal business hours, giving your company accessibility and availability for your clients.

You’ll be able to send a quick text to a client if needed, accomplishing both a strengthened relationship with this person as well as improving your service.

The point of a professional text message is to support your clients during all hours while also providing them with the necessary time sensitive information that you deem necessary to convey.

A few examples of a professional text message are sending promotional texts, a payment reminder, a follow up message, or just sending a message to gauge whether a specific client is interested in your service.

Using professional text messages and SMS marketing techniques for your business communication efforts is a service utilized by many businesses.

Let’s explore the many ways that you can start texting to improve your marketing strategy.

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How Do I Use Text Messages for My Business?

Before we get into the benefits of text messages for your business venture, let’s first go over what makes texting so vital to your marketing strategy.

Texting gets higher response rates.

Text message open rates boast a high percentage with a 98% open rate, especially when contrasted with 20% open rate of email messages.


Sending text messages allows you to reach your clients directly on their mobile phone.

Text messaging gives you access to your customers 24/7, allowing you to capitalize on the fact that everyone has their phone on them at all hours.

You can send messages outside of work hours.

Similar to the above benefit– it doesn’t matter what time it is.

You can reach out to this person regardless of the time of day!

You can include detailed information without being convoluted.

A big benefit here is that you are limited to the text message format- view this as a positive rather than a limitation.

Keep your content short and sweet and drive home your purpose to include.

If a customer received service today, you can send them a message in the same day and they will receive it in a timely manner.

This is key toward demonstrating the customer’s individual value. Reaching out in the same day also paints you in a responsive and positive light.

Your customer can easily respond to your message.

Since texting does not require a download or even internet connection, responding to these messages could not be easier.

Make it easy for your customers!

You can link your website to your texts, increasing website traffic.

Another goal to keep in mind is how texting can boost your other platforms.

Think about these other areas and try to cover all of your bases.

Encourage easy communication with your customers in a texting format.

Make sure your customers are able to start texting back and forth with you if they want to.

Sign each message in a way that invites communication.

Text messaging allows you to be accessible at all hours of the day, easily and effectively.

As outlined above, texting offers many benefits that other modes of communicating cannot.

One of the most important features of professional texts is the ability you have to send the same message to multiple customers simultaneously.

This is commonly referred to as creating an SMS campaign and utilizing bulk message templates.

Sending messages to your customer’s phones is a good way to avoid being sent into the spam folder as well.

Being able to contact your customers is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to evaluating your business strategy and effectiveness.

Texting makes receiving feedback and customer communication much easier and faster than other techniques.

In the last decade, text messaging has gained a lot of prevalence both in the business world and in the personal sphere as well.

Texting is easy, affordable, and allows you to take advantage of the higher response rate that comes from phone correspondence.

When using texting to improve these elements of your business, make sure to maintain focus on what information you are trying to convey.

Use short sentences, include detailed information, and never forget to include a short signature at the end of every message.

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Should I Open My Professional Text Messages in the Same Way Every Time?

Regardless of what message templates you are using for a given message, it is a good idea to open your professional text messages in the same way every single time.

It is good texting etiquette to open your message with a personalized greeting.

For example, your text message should open with “Hi Joy!” or a similar sentiment that is both cheery and customized to the recipient.

Opening your professional text message in this manner immediately showcases the value of the customer and the intent of you, the sender, to reach your customer with information you think they would appreciate.

Since the personalized feature is important for sending professional text messages, make sure your professional templates reflect this and all include a space for the customer’s name.

Ideally, seeing their name attached to the sender ID of your business will make them interested in the contents of your message and encourage follow up as well.

Remember that your customers are the focus of your company text messages, always.

Communicating in this way is the best way to foster customer relationships while also improving your company and service, so pay specific attention to how your messages read and the content you include within them.

What is the Best Way to Structure a Business Text Message?

The best way to structure a text message for your for your work is to use this format, then adapting it to your own professional text message examples:

  1. Open with the customer’s name and a light greeting.

  2. Include contact information– phone number, link to your website, support channels, etc. Look at how other businesses include this information and model after them.

  3. The meat of your SMS goes here. This can include time sensitive information, a specific task that needs to be completed by this person, a credit card required transaction, or other tasks necessary.

  4. Make sure you are on the same page as your customer here. Ask them to reach out for clarification or with questions if needed.

  5. End your text messages with a closing that leaves the channel open and accessible.

If your customers are not responding to these messages, it may be necessary to conduct a phone call.

For professional text message examples, it is especially important to remember a few key items to ensure that you are optimizing your potential in the texting department.

The most important element of these messages is to keep the sender in mind.

Up until this point, we’ve been going over SMS related to mass messaging directed towards your customers.

You can also utilize these messages for enhancing communication within your employees as well!

You can send a message to a team member reminding them of the team picnic tomorrow, or send them a link to make sure it works before you convert it into your SMS efforts.

Businesses who utilize mass messaging for interpersonal employee communication often find that is helpful to use these messages as an example for what their customer correspondence will look like.

You can use templates to sign off on specific items as well, serving as a sort of checking point to gauge the effectiveness of your messaging format.

These text message examples will help you feel more confident sending your content out to your customers, because you’ll see how it works beforehand.

Being able to sign off on this new form of communication is a great asset, so using your SMS campaigns for a variety of reasons is a good idea.

There are a lot of items that text messaging can accomplish that a simple phone call cannot, and it can be hard to conceptualize the difference without trying it for yourself through employee communication.

Both your SMS text messages and your customers will be better off with this improved method of communicating, so don’t be afraid to get started!

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How Kennected Uses Texting For Our Work

Here at Kennected, we are all about making these easier for our customers.

Our goal is to always keep the best interests of our customers at the forefront of our mission, and we use texting services to help us accomplish this.

Before you head off and get started on your own texting campaign, we want to leave you with some tips and tricks that helped us build our professional messaging.

First, use your messages to build your brand persona.

Your texts will showcase some of your personality.

Use this to your advantage.

You have the unique opportunity to showcase yourself in a way that is separate from the service you provide.

Implementing some humor and informal language into your texts will help build a positive brand persona that your customers will be excited to hear from.

Second, keep your sentiments brief and concise.

When crafting a text, remember the normal rules of a text that you follow in your non-work life.

Think about a text you would like to receive from a corporation, and model your approach based on that.

Use uncomplicated sentences.

Use punctuation!

Vary your style to keep your content fresh and interesting to the eye.

Finally, view your text analytics frequently with the intent to improve.

You’ll be provided with statistics that tell you open rates, response rates, and other vital information regarding your customer’s tendencies.

These statistics may be grim at first.

Use them to improve your texts and to continue to get better and reach more customers.

It should be a top priority for you to continue to strive for the best you can be.

Embody this mentality in your communication channels, and you will reap the benefits!

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