What Is SSIS Business Intelligence?

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The SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is the data-warehousing arm of the SQL Server 2008 R2 suite — equipped with superior extract, transform and load (ETL) capabilities.

It’s not enough to have large amounts of data—we must make those data work for us.

With large amounts of data coming from multiple sources and on various platforms, your company must employ an effective, responsive data integration tool backed by a solid strategy.

You employ individuals in various roles with different levels of data analytics experience.

All of these employees need to be able to access and analyze data in Microsoft Excel using varying levels of business logic.

What Is Server Integration Services (SQL)?

Creators designed the SQL Server Integration Services platform to help you build enterprise-class data integration and data transformation applications.

Integrate with SQL Server Integration Services to solve complex business problems by copying or downloading files, loading data warehouses, cleaning and mining data, and managing SQL Server objects.

Good knowledge of SQL server data tools is required to use this technology.

Is A Microsoft SQL Server A Part of Business Intelligence?

As part of Microsoft SQL Server, users have access to tools to help them implement business intelligence, the process of turning raw data into actionable information.

Data warehouses may provide developers with tools for extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data.

SSIS, a Microsoft SQL Server data migration system component, performs several data migration tasks.

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What Components Makeup A SSIS Package?

The three components in the SSIS platform for starting the data integration process are the following:

  • Import and Export Wizard

  • SSIS Designer

  • SSIS API Programming

Microsoft complements its relational database engine, SQL Server, with several add-on services that manage different aspects of enterprise business intelligence and information processing, such as data integration, reporting, and analysis.

Import And Export Wizard

Import and Export Wizards are tools available in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to copy data between databases, generate pes, select tables to copy or specify your query to extract data, and save your work as an SSIS package.

SSIS Designer

The SSIS Designer is an integrated component of the Business Intelligence Development Studio used to develop and maintain integration services packages.

SSIS API Programming

SSIS API Programming module allows you to code SSIS packages using any number of programming languages.

What Does SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Do?

The key power of SSIS is its data transformation and migration capability. SSIS provides data warehousing tools such as data extraction, and transformation.

To maintain databases, the tool can update multidimensional cube data and automate the maintenance of SQL Server databases.

When building a data warehouse or a data mart, the marketers need to extract the data from the various transactional systems and flat files, transform it and load it to be analyzed and reported on.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) works to make sure data is sourced correctly, ensure its quality, and provide the appropriate data architecture for effective reporting and analysis.

It provides the vehicle for moving data from different data sources to another and changing the data, if necessary.

When you choose Generate SSIS Packages, Biml will check for errors by validating the XML and Biml syntax and validating the resulting SSIS packages.

For example, if a destination table used in a data flow does not already exist, it will throw an error. Of course, it does not throw errors when it doesn’t find errors for packages.

When packages are generated successfully, they will add them to the SSIS Packages node in the project.

Why Do Companies Use SSIS?

Microsoft SSIS is an important component of the SQL Server family with which professionals can design and implement multiple workflows, modernizing the progression of data consolidation from disparate data sources.

If you are wondering why is SSIS so popular amongst the Microsoft BI services family, the following reasons would be sharp enough to assure of its key benefits:

  • Merging data from various data stores and loading data to multiple destinations, in parallel, with great speed and effectiveness

  • Versatile and flexible lessens the requirement of dedicated developers

  • Seamless and tight integration with the Microsoft family of products

  • Cost-effective, robust error handling, and smart programming style with lesser code

Automating the process of loading data into your operating system or data warehouse is its purpose.

Hand-coded or manual solutions do not perform as well in loading and transforming data as this tool does.

Is SSIS An ETL Tool?

SSIS is an ETL tool, but there is much more to it than the mere ETL process. It also takes various data integration services and workflow functionalities about data.

What Is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)?

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) helps you empower your users to make effective, informed decisions based on trusted data and delivered in appropriate formats.

Report Builder and Report Designer are two SSRS components for generating reports.

Report Builder

Report Builder is a simple solution for the information worker or business user to create quick reports without understanding the core structure of the data.

Report Designer

The Report Designer is a tool for developers because it adds complexity to custom reports development.

Using this tool requires understanding the Business Intelligence Development Studio shell in Microsoft Visual Studio.

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What Is The Function of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)?

SQL Server Analysis Services is the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack technology to develop online analytical processing (OLAP) solutions.

SSAS places predictive analytic capabilities in the hands of information workers by creating an instant connection to backend data using familiar applications such as Microsoft Excel and SharePoint for analysis, visual presentation, and collaboration.

SSAS provides online analytic processing (OLAP) of data from disparate data sources.

In simple terms, you can use SSAS to create cubes using data from data warehouses for deeper and faster data analysis.

Visual Studio Business Intelligence

In Business Intelligence Development Studio, you can develop SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS solutions using Visual Studio.

What Server Editions Are Included in SQL Server 2008 R2?

The six SQL Server Editions for SQL Server 2008 R2 are:

  • Datacenter

  • Enterprise

  • Standard

  • Web

  • Workgroup

  • Express

Integration Services are included in the Datacenter and Enterprise editions. However, full reporting services are limited in the Standard, Web, Workgroup, and Express editions.

What Is Microsoft Power BI?

This service works with clients to assess and plan a business intelligence (BI) strategy, develop relevant visual representations of processes and performance, deploy dashboards, and create informative, flexible management and operational reports.

Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization, or embed them in your app or website.

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence tool mainly targeted by business users. 

Power BI is better than SSRS in Interactive Visualizations and Self Service capabilities, but this is with a motive to keep users inside the tool for all the activities.

It helps you connect to hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life with live dashboards and reports.

Your company needs to optimize the functionality of the Microsoft Reporting Service in conjunction with the SSIS and SSAS components.

What Will Happen To Microsoft BI Tools In The Future?

The Microsoft BI tools are now legacy apps, and most new projects will use Power BI by default.

Consider that Power BI already includes hugely overlapping functionality. 

Yet, it is much more accessible to learn, quicker to develop, produces modern interactive results, and can deploy without any infrastructure.

Microsoft provides a complete set of business intelligence tools as part of the Microsoft SQL Server, Sharepoint, and Office applications.

The Microsoft BI stack is a logical extension to those systems for enterprises that have embraced Microsoft technologies.

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