Square Appointments Alternatives

For businesses that run on customer and client appointments, an appointment booking app is absolutely necessary. If you want more clients to book appointments, you need to make it easy for them to do so. An appointment booking system like Square Appointments or Kennected Calendar can make your services more accessible to the people who need them.

With an online appointment scheduler, your customers will be able to choose the best time and date for them. This decreases the odds of customers not showing up on the day of their schedule because they set it themselves. By reducing “no-shows”, you get more business throughout the month.

People are also a lot more comfortable when booking appointments on their own instead of having to talk to someone on the phone or via email. This unnecessary back and forth is a big turn off for a lot of potential clients who would rather have the ability to set an appointment themselves online.

Appointment scheduling tools have a ton of benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on. These calendar software work like business management tools that help you secure more customer appointments.

Square Appointments is one of the appointment booking systems that you may encounter while you’re doing your research on tools for your business. It is a flexible scheduling system as well as a simple booking tool for your clients. Here we will be taking a closer look at what it does, and what other software you should look at if you are keeping your options open.

What is Square Appointments Booking?

Square Appointments is a cloud-based appointment management solution made for professionals and businesses alike. It is designed to manage appointments and bookings, but it also helps generate leads. Square Appointments can even accept payments ahead of time so that you don’t lose business even if the client doesn’t show up. This software is for retailers of all sizes and in a variety of industries.

As a business owner, you can use Square Appointments to book appointments and meetings on the go. Users are able to view their schedule from any mobile device at any time. You can also accept prepayments for all your scheduled appointments.

Square Appointments even sends automated notifications to clients for appointment due dates either via text message or email. Users can take notes while working with their clients for future reference.

How Does Square Appointments Bookings Work?

Square Appointments lets you customize the duration of the appointment, automate customer reminders through text and email, and manage multiple locations at once. It is easy to learn and use. You create a custom booking site that can either stand alone or be embedded into your existing website. Once it is up, your customers can book, cancel, and modify their appointments freely using their own devices.

Square Appointments lets them book using Google, Instagram, or Facebook. It even lets you customize your payment options or book with multiple staff members. When a customer books their first appointment, this tool saves their information so they could easily rebook in the future. It saves their personal info as well as their billing info for future rebooks.

The software helps prevent double booking using Google Calendar. In addition to these customer management features, it also lets you manage your team and your inventory. So whether you want to track each employee’s calendar or sell additional retail items, Square Appointments can get the job done.

Overall, Square Appointment is a simple online booking solution that works effectively, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Does Square Appointments Cost Money?

Square Appointments has four pricing tiers: Individual; Two to five employees; Six to 10 employees; and 11 or more employees. So while the individual plan is free, it can only be used by one team member. It also has a payment processing fee of 2.6% plus 10 cents per in-person payment.

For the two to five employees plan, there is a $50 monthly fee and a payment processing fee of 2.5% plus 10 cents per in-person payment. The six to 10 employees plan costs $90 per month and has the same processing fee as the two to five employees package.

Finally, if your team has over 11 members, Square Appointments offers custom pricing to suit your organization’s specific needs.

Alternatives to Square Appointments


Although Square Appointments covers a lot of the basic things you need from an appointment scheduling software, the free plan is limited to one person. Users have also found that the scheduling software is reliant on other Square products to bring out its full potential. You may want to consider some alternatives that have more specialized features.


Calendly is an appointment scheduling tool that is perfect for people who want to collaborate with multiple team members at the same time. It’s a good software to start with if you are running a small business. Multiple people can collaborate at once, so you could really help your team get organized. It also makes booking appointments easy for your prospects and clients. Plus, it is very easy to use, allowing you and your customers to save time.

With Calendly, you just create a custom meeting link, pick your availability preferences, and share it with your collaborators. They can then select the schedule that works best for them from the slots that are still open.

Calendly has a free version that offers a single calendar view along with basic booking functions. It also has paid packages that range from $8 to $12 per month. There is a 14-day free trial to see if Calendly is a good fit for you.


Setmore is a free online scheduling platform that helps you connect with customers by booking appointments, classes, and video meetings through a sleek calendar system. This appointment scheduling app lets you book unlimited appointments while keeping customer information and sharpening your brand image.

Take charge of your working hours by listing your availability online and allowing customers to come to you. They can self-book the services they need so you can focus on delivering an excellent experience for them. Customers can book from your website, Facebook, or Instagram page. Setmore also manages the paperwork. This one actually integrates with Square. With Setmore’s automated email reminders, you can reduce client no-shows.

Setmore has a “free forever” plan, but upgrading to one of Setmore’s premium plans will give you more features. These plans range from $5 to $9 a month and give you access to features like secure card transactions online, custom text reminders, and more calendars for your staff members.

Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss is a web-based appointment scheduling platform. It can also be used to sell products and services—all through a custom booking page. Just like all the best appointment scheduling apps, Book Like A Boss lets you take payment ahead of schedule by connecting with Stripe, PayPal, or Square.

This app also syncs seamlessly with apps like Google Calendar, iCloud, and Outlook. This is another great alternative to Square Appointments because it has several key features such as custom domains, testimonials, automatic email and SMS notifications, social media links, FAQs, and cloud hosting.

Book Like A Boss offers a two-week free trial featuring all of their features. Overall, this software is best for coaches, therapists, designers, marketers, and professionals in other industries.

Kennected Calendar

Kennected Calendar is a smart calendar app that helps entrepreneurs sell more and chase less by simplifying the booking process. This software offers simple and easy appointment setting so you can manage your schedule all from one place.

Kennected Calendar easily syncs up with your Google Calendar. Most of the best project management software can sync with Google, and Kennected Calendar is no different.

On top of that, your calendar will be stored in Kennected Calendar’s cloud servers so you can log in from anywhere using your desktop or phone and manage your schedule at any time. You will never be double booked again. Ever.

Kennected Calendar also lets you set boundaries and time blocks so you can have full control over your schedule. You can even sync with different time zones so you and your clients are always on the same page no matter where they are.

It even has some popular integrations including some of your favorite CRMs and online meeting platforms.

Here are some of the best alternatives for Square Appointments if you want options that are more comprehensive or affordable. But since you are looking for an appointment scheduling app that can help you stay organized while getting more clients, why not go for the best option?

Kennected Calendar improves customer experience by offering helpful features like calendar management, automatic reminders, calendar sync, realtime availability, CRM integrations, boundaries, and time blocks. These features set it apart from similar software. This is why Kennected Calendar is the number one software when it comes to scheduling appointments.

The best part is that you can get started for free with no credit card required. Just use your email to sign up. Start booking meetings on autopilot today using Kennected Calendar.

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