Sports Venues Shift Towards Sustainability

The sports industry goes far beyond its athletes and teams.

A huge piece of what makes the industry so profitable is the venues where games and matches are held, as this is where spectators gather to watch their favorite players in droves.

Because of the volume of spectators and visitors, managing these sports venues is not an easy task.

A recent article by the Sports Business Journal highlights how sports venues are making a push to become more sustainable nationwide.

“Sports venue operators interested in running their spaces more sustainably have long been left mostly on their own in figuring out how to do so.

Oak View Group wants to change that with the launch of GOAL (Green Operations and Advanced Leadership), a membership platform that will help venues operate in more environmentally friendly ways by accessing Amazon Web Services (AWS)-powered software that includes a tactical roadmap, a library of resources like vetted vendors lists, progress tracking tools and the free exchange of knowledge and experience among GOAL member venues. OVG partnered with the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena, Fenway Sports Group, and green building architect Jason McLennan, all of whom have equity in GOAL, to get the initiative off the ground.  

“I think this is going to change the face of the sports and entertainment industry because it’s going to raise the bar,” said McLennan, who worked with OVG on Climate Pledge Arena’s sustainable design and operations. “This tool we’re developing is going to galvanize peer-to-peer learning, friendly competition and really gamify this process of doing better for the world. These venues as instant cities attract millions of people. The opportunity to have an impact in this kind of domain is huge.”

OVG hired Kristen Fulmer to run GOAL; she assumes the title of director of sustainability. She’ll report to OVG360 president Chris Granger, but GOAL will remain a separate offering from the other services available to OVG360 venue clients. At her sustainability consultancy, Recipric, Fulmer saw a clear need in the sports industry for something beyond LEED certification, for example. Operating a building sustainably is a journey, not an item to cross off a list, like the completion of an environmentally conscious venue construction project.”

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The article mentions that this shift signifies more than just a push for sports venues to become more sustainable places.

This project is “raising the bar,” meaning that other sports venues will take notice and likely make changes to elevate themselves as well.

The shift towards increased sustainability represents the intersection of sports and business well.

When a problem arises, a solution needs to be found and implemented.

The problem here is that these sports venues are not sustainable, and the solution is that this needs to be taken seriously and steps need to be taken to improve this issue.

In business, you will have lots of similar moments.

When you find issues in your strategy, know that a solution exists.

Your solution may even inspire other businesses to follow in your footsteps.

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