What Do You Do When Someone Views Your LinkedIn Profile

As a powerful online platform for social, career, and job-related networking, it’s no surprise that many people have joined LinkedIn. But no matter how good this social networking site is, users still need to know how to make the most out of it in order to get the best results.

One of the most common questions among those who are new to LinkedIn is what to do when someone visits or views their profile. The first step is to find out who viewed the profile—and potentially—figure out what they want.

People can find other users’ profiles by checking their news feed, using a recruiter’s tool, or simply using the regular search feature. They may search by keyword, company, location, industry, etc. It doesn’t really matter what they used to find your profile: it matters more than they have displayed a bit of interest. This is always a good sign.

Check Your LinkedIn Profile

To check who viewed your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn offers a few options depending on the type of profile you have. A basic free membership account will have limited options, while premium membership will naturally have more.

A basic LinkedIn account can see up to 5 results of who has viewed their profile, as well as the number of visits. It also shows how many times the user appeared in search results. A premium user is able to see an unlimited number of people who have visited their profile. They can also view information like trends in viewership and industry representation.

The information concerning people who have viewed the LinkedIn profile will still depend on their own privacy settings. This means even premium users cannot see visitors who are using private mode, for example.

To see who has viewed your profile, click on the ‘Me’ icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage, click ‘View Profile’, and then ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ on your dashboard. Knowing who viewed the profile can help with the decision on what to do next. It all depends on who is looking at the profile.

If it’s an old colleague that you would love to get in touch with, then it’s a good idea to send them a message and get reacquainted. If it’s a hiring manager or someone who could potentially expand your network, then you might want to figure out why they were looking around.

Why they Viewed Your Profile

It is important to try and understand why they viewed the profile. If a potential employer views someone’s profile, it could be just another part of the hiring process. Instead of reaching out, you need to be more patient. Checking out applicants’ online profiles is just another way for recruiters to find out more about prospective employees before inviting them for an interview.

If the viewer is not particularly a recruiter and they are working for a company that you want to connect or work with, then failing to message them might be a missed opportunity. This is the time to send a message and hopefully get a conversation going. The worst thing that can happen is that they won’t reply at all. There is very little to lose.

However, you may still want to spend some time crafting the message. Start by making it clear why you would like to connect, including how you might be helpful to them. Be clear and authentic so that you don’t end up annoying them. Do not bombard them with questions like “why were you viewing my profile” and “how did you find me?”

Go for an organic and casual conversation, and then try to build a relationship from there. LinkedIn is the most powerful professional network at the moment, and it is a great idea to harness all of its potential for networking. Properly utilizing this website can lead to a number of great opportunities.

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