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$ 29 per user / month
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$240 savings


$ 39 per user / billed monthly


5+ Team pricing for 5+ users
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All subscriptions include:

Optional add-on features:

Captions & translations-
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No way Jose! Record to your heart’s content. Thanks to Kennected Video’s amazing tech stack, you can send as many videos as you want through your own CRM, email or however you want to deliver them- hey maybe via a LinkedIn message?

The cost of your Kennected Video subscription will be based on the number of users in your account, any add-on features you include, and whether you subscribe annually or monthly.

See that big long list above? That’s all yours. We keep it easy to understand. Plus we want you to get results and keep paying us 🙂

Add On Features. Contact us for whatever you need to add on.

That’s a negative ghost rider. You’re grandfathered into your existing price.

You don’t want to do that. For attribution tracking you want to find out if you’re crushing it and if Sally is tanking. Don’t get dragged down with Sally.

Teamwork makes the dream work. We love team accounts. Contact us for pricing based on your needs.


No. We would be happy to talk to you.

Yes! We know lots of people have full time businesses or jobs and a side hustle or passion. Or 13 (looking at you Cody). Please remember only one email address can be connected, so choose wisely which one.