Which Software Is Used For SMS Marketing

There are a plethora of SMS marketing software options out there on the market, but we have done our research to provide you with the five most highly rated software platforms for your business messaging.

  1. Simple Texting

  2. Mobile Text Alerts

  3. Text Magic

  4. Click Send

  5. Ultra SMS Script

Read on to learn about each of these platforms, as well as their functionality and the ways that SMS marketing software can completely change the marketing strategy of your business.

What is SMS Marketing Software?

SMS marketing software is the platform you will utilize in order to partake in any form of sending text messages from your business to your customers.

As a text message marketing software, your chosen platform will allow you to create SMS messages, bulk SMS, and other forms of mobile marketing.

The cornerstone of SMS marketing lies within the text messages that you are sending.

Like email marketing, SMS campaigns are designed to help you send out marketing messages to the phone numbers you have gathered from your clients.

However, there are a few key differences between email marketing and SMS text messages:

  • Allows you to send SMS and MMS messages

  • Creates a quick way to contact both existing customers and potential customers

  • Helps you build a great customer service platform

  • SMS software provides you with customer data and customer engagement

  • You can automatically send messages through the text messaging software

  • Send personalized text messages through SMS marketing automation

  • Utilize contact management through your SMS marketing platforms

  • Make usage of other SMS marketing services like unlimited incoming messages, SMS surveys, unlimited contacts

Your SMS marketing campaign is designed to give you a lot of freedom in your marketing strategy, especially through the bulk text messaging and multimedia messaging service features.

An important idea to note is that text marketing is not meant to replace your existing marketing campaigns, but rather to serve as a supplementary service to fill in some of the gaps that may exist.

As a marketing automation platform, you’ll likely want to use your SMS marketing campaigns to communicate better with your clients and foster the relationships you have in an extremely beneficial way.

Regardless of which SMS marketing software you choose to implement for your business, you will receive the full benefits of the SMS service and text messaging, especially through the mass texting features.

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How Do I Pick the Best SMS Marketing Software For My Business?

It can be tricky to sort through the many SMS marketing software options that are out there in order to find the one that best suits the needs of your business messaging.

However, when it comes to the best SMs marketing platforms, our research has given us these 5 platforms as the highest rated in a variety of categories:

  1. Simple Texting

  2. Mobile Text Alerts

  3. Text Magic

  4. Click Send

  5. Ultra SMS Script

Before you pick a software, you’ll want to examine your current marketing campaigns and see where you most need to improve.

Maybe your current marketing platform is working well at sending multimedia messages and drip campaigns, but you feel you are lacking in the inbound messages and customer engagement department.

Once you bring in some new marketing software and begin to send bulk SMS messages, you’ll see these areas in your marketing strategies improve quickly.

Read on to learn which SMS platforms you can choose from to create the best SMS marketing platform for your business.

What To Look For In Your SMS Software

Through our research in the best SMS marketing software, we have selected four main categories to examine when you are choosing an SMS marketing tool.

  1. Ease of Use

  2. Integration with other apps

  3. Mass Texting

  4. Pricing/Scalability

Ideally, your best SMS marketing tool will hit all four of these categories in some way, but it will be valuable to do some in depth research on the capabilities of each.

Evaluate the items that are most important to you in a SMS marketing service, and go from there.

Ease Of Use

Many businesses will prioritize ease of use above all else when it comes to choosing an SMS API or text messaging app.

One of the biggest elements of SMS marketing software is that it is meant to be user friendly, both for those in your company and for the customers receiving your SMS messages.

You want your marketing campaigns to be easy to set up and easy to access from any angle.

If ease of use is important to your business text messaging, make sure to look for SMS marketing tools that put this standard at the forefront of their platform.

According to a DDIY article, the top SMS marketing software that is most highly rated in the ease of use category is Simple Texting.

Integration with Other Apps

A really great feature of SMS marketing is that it is designed to complement other applications and marketing campaigns that you already have in motion.

You may have drip campaigns, facebook messenger, and other marketing services working alongside one another to accomplish your mobile marketing.

Your text marketing should slot in seamlessly alongside these other marketing strategies.

When you begin to send SMS messages, you don’t want any interference or disruption from your other applications, so make sure that the marketing automation platform you choose is compatible with other apps.

Look into your text marketing software and see how it handles working in conjunction with other marketing software.

According to a DDIY article, the best SMS marketing software for working alongside another marketing platform and integrating seamlessly is Click Send.

Mass Texting

A huge piece of SMS marketing is the bulk SMS messages you will be sending out from your business to your customers.

You may already have some experience with mass messaging through email marketing and other drip campaigns, but the text message marketing realm is a bit different in several ways.

  • Send inbound messages and outbound messages through your SMS services

  • Utilize bulk text messages to reach a client base simultaneously

  • Use free SMS credits to send bulk text messages

  • Enable your SMS software to use phone numbers and unlimited contacts to send a text message through marketing automation

  • Send shorter marketing messages

  • Include more informal communication in SMS marketing campaigns

Bulk SMS and text messages are unique in the fact that they allow you to engage in more informal communication with your clients.

Your SMS marketing automation should allow you to send personalized text messages through your bulk SMS, eliminating any wasted time spent on manually entering this customer data.

You might want to model your SMS after Facebook messenger– you are speaking with your clients on a friendly basis, and customers prefer to be reached in this manner.

Your SMS marketing platform will also store any previous text messages that have been sent as received, as well as aiding in contact management and organization.

If ease of mass texting is at the center of your desired marketing services, make sure to choose a software that allows you to use the marketing platform in this manner.

According to a DDIY article, the best SMS marketing software for mass texting is Simple Texting.


It is important that your SMS marketing software is priced well and within your means for your business.

Most SMS marketing services feature similar pricing options, but you’ll want to choose the best SMS marketing software that is both inexpensive and effective for what your business marketing campaigns aim to accomplish.

When it comes to text message marketing, there are usually two different payment options:

  1. Monthly Subscription

  2. Pay as You Go

Depending on how you plan to use your SMS messaging and SMS marketing service, you may find one option more desirable than the other.

The monthly subscription option may be more appealing for a business who wants to implement frequent bulk SMS and automated text messaging, while the pay as you go option may be more suitable for a business looking to partake in more one-on-one messaging.

Evaluate your goals and choose the option that best suits your needs.

Out of the five best SMS marketing software options, 3 of the SMS marketing platforms use a monthly subscription plan and two utilize a pay as you go plan.

Monthly Subscription:

  1. Simple Texting

  2. Mobile Text Alerts

  3. Ultra SMS Scripts

Pay as you Go:

  1. Text Magic

  2. Click Send

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What Does SMS Marketing Do For My Business?

You may be wondering exactly what SMS marketing software can do for your business that email marketing and Facebook messenger are not already doing.

Let’s list out the benefits of SMS marketing software:

  • Creating a communication channel through text messages

  • Providing a database with contact management and drip campaigns clearly organized

  • Integrating SMS marketing tools with your already existing marketing platform

  • Sending a text message to a toll free number with ease and allowing the recipient the chance to respond quickly

  • The ability to send voice messages within a text message to broaden your marketing strategies

  • Helping to foster client relationships through informal text messaging and the SMS service

Each SMS marketing platform will allow you to implement these benefits into your SMS campaigns, ultimately expanding the capabilities of your marketing software.

As a service, the ability to engage in text messaging with your customers is incredibly important and can check a lot of boxes for your business.

Make sure to choose an SMS service that aids you in your goals, while also making your text message marketing endeavors easier and more accessible.

How Kennected Uses SMS Messaging

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We chose the best SMS marketing software for our business, and we have seen the benefits of the text messages since day 1.

Text message marketing is an exciting and helpful way to broaden your SMS marketing efforts, and you will soon see just how incredible the service is for your business too.

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