Social Selling on LinkedIn | What It Is and How to Do It

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Social selling is the usage of social media platforms to build relationships and reach your target audience with the goal of generating leads and eventually making sales. Social selling techniques are implemented on social media platforms through consistent posting, frequent outreach, and following industry news.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What social selling is

  • What social selling success looks like on LinkedIn

  • Importance of LinkedIn social selling strategy

  • Best practices for social selling on LinkedIn

  • How Kennected uses LinkedIn groups to reach a target audience

Read on to learn all about social selling on LinkedIn and how your personal brand and LinkedIn network can serve as a sales pitch.

What is Social Selling?

LinkedIn social selling is the process of developing your LinkedIn profile and professional brand visibility to draw in potential buyers and effectively serve as a sales funnel.

Your social selling efforts should span across all of your social media accounts, with valuable content marketing and your own posts making up your social network.

Social selling on LinkedIn includes the following items:

  • Strengthening your LinkedIn profile

  • Joining LinkedIn groups

  • Engaging in sales conversations

  • Streamlining a social media platform

  • Posting relevant content often

  • Appealing to other social sellers

Social selling can also involve the usage of an automation tool like LinkedIn sales navigator to aid in your lead generation and traffic on the platform.

Sales professionals have demonstrated that social sellers outsell peers, and this practice allows you to appeal to potential customers and high quality leads with minimal effort.

Now that we know a little bit about social selling on LinkedIn, let’s outline how the strategy can look on the LinkedIn platform.

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What Social Selling Strategy Looks Like On LinkedIn

Personal branding can aid in building relationships, achieving sales goals, and can help to actively engage other LinkedIn users and give you more leads.

Aside from brand visibility and making your company website and page attractive, a big piece of social selling on LinkedIn comes from joining groups and engaging with fellow users.

As a social media platform, LinkedIn is all about connectivity and giving business leaders a space to connect and learn from one another.

Use the platform to your advantage and use advanced search to find professional networks and prospective clients to connect with.

You’ll start with connection requests and end with trusted relationships that may turn into existing customers if funneled correctly.

Social selling is all about making your social media presence inviting and encouraging to potential buyers.

Structure your LinkedIn profile to convey your brand voice, and ensure that your sales leaders do the same for their own pages.

Growing your LinkedIn network and displaying your personal brand are just a piece of social selling on LinkedIn.

Let’s outline the importance of social selling and how it has the potential to transform your lead generation efforts.

Importance of LinkedIn Social Selling

Social selling is just as it sounds– a method of selling your product that exists outside of your sales teams and their efforts.

Think of social selling as a way to further your business outside of the office, around the clock.

The importance of a solid social selling index is truly invaluable.

Here are just a few ways that social selling can transform your business:

  • Allows you to reach more leads and individuals

  • Encourages current customers to share your posts and words

  • Gives you access to all the data you need for the buying process

  • Gives your business social proof

  • Increases web traffic

  • Serves as a lead builder

  • Can use sales technology within your LinkedIn groups

  • Helps to build relationships and your professional brand

Ultimately, your social selling efforts can land you more connections, more leads, and more sales.

It is also a fairly simple process to implement.

When you begin to strengthen your social media platforms, you are taking the first steps towards solidifying your social selling network and strategy.

Best Practices for Social Selling Success

Social selling on LinkedIn can seem daunting at first, but here are a few ways to ensure that your approach is focused and manageable.

  • Focus on personal branding

  • Become known and popular on the app

  • Think like a digital marketer

  • Use automation like LinkedIn sales navigator

  • Share valuable content frequently

  • Build relationships whenever possible

  • Measure your progress through metrics

  • Follow other successful brands and users

Above all else, social selling is rooted in being social.

This involves frequent outreach and posting, all with the intention of grabbing the interest of potential customers.

Your professional brand goes beyond just your job title, so be sure to display that often.

Post frequently, engage with other LinkedIn users, and join LinkedIn groups as much as possible.

Use the networking benefits of the platform to your advantage!

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How Kennected Uses Social Selling Strategies

Here at Kennected, we have seen the benefits of social selling on LinkedIn firsthand.

Posting relevant content and joining groups of like minded professionals has the potential to transform your business from the inside out.

Start building your brand presence on LinkedIn and watch your lead generation efforts blossom.

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