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Social selling: you may have heard of it, but some people still aren’t sure what it means. Some think it’s the same as social media marketing, while others compare it to social media advertising.

The truth is social selling is neither of these things. And today we’re going to discuss what it is and what it’s all about. Then we’re going to take a deep dive into some of the certification programs that you can take to prove that you are an expert in social selling.

One of the best certification programs for social selling is Kennected Social Selling, which is available through Lead Flow Mastery. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Social Selling & How Can You Become Social Selling Certified?

Social selling is a technique for lead generation that involves directly interacting with prospects on social media. It allows you to zero in on business prospects that are spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social platforms. Spoiler alert: almost everyone is using these social networks.

Social selling lets you laser-target your prospecting and build relationships with countless prospects. It’s all about making use of your existing connections. Done right, you can start relying on social selling rather than use cold calling.

So why social media? Social channels are where people love to hang out online. It’s where they can connect with people they know and stay in touch with them no matter how far away they are from each other. And the popularity of sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are undeniable. They each have millions, if not billions, of active users.

If you’re still not using social selling for your sales funnel, it’s safe to say you’re missing out on a fantastic source of leads. You’re probably getting left behind by the competition—especially the social media savvy ones.

Top Courses from Industry Experts

Social selling has three main components: establishing a presence on social media, planning your social selling activities, and engaging on social media. For example, when someone you know posts that they are looking for a real estate agent, you can engage with them and recommend someone from your network. This way, you are building a stronger connection with that person, and this will lead to you being on top of their mind when they are in need of your services.

If you want to learn more about social selling and everything it entails, you can try different certification programs like Kennected Social Selling. Afterwards, you can even get a certification that can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile to boost your credibility and further demonstrate your industry leadership.

Hootsuite Social Selling Exam

Hootsuite Social Selling is an online course that allows sales teams to save more time while closing more business. When you go for a Hootsuite Social Selling Certification, you get an industry-leading certification that shows you have the necessary skills to drive better sales with the use of social media.

To get this certification, you need to take a 50-question online exam that’s all about the core principles of social selling that was covered in the Hootsuite course. The course itself is a series of easy-to-follow video tutorials that covers everything from setting up social profiles to developing a strong online presence.

The certification exam costs $299.00. Once you pass, you get a permanent online certificate that can be posted on your blog, website, or other social profiles.

Social Selling Foundation

Since your customers and prospects are already sharing a lot of the things they are interested in on social media, you can use this information to help you do your job as a salesperson better.

In the Social Selling Foundation course, marketing expert Derek Pando teaches you the basics of social selling and how to leverage your social network to engage with prospects effectively. The course covers skills such as digital sales, lead generation, and online sales management.

The course costs around $25.00 and includes 16 videos, lifetime access, and a certificate of completion on your LinkedIn profile.

Social Selling with Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the best customer relationship management (CRM) platforms out there. They also offer a social selling course of their own, which just shows how critical social selling is in today’s highly-connected world.

This course combines the concept of social selling with the powerful tool that is Salesforce. Sales expert and instructor Christine Pereira covers the different ways salespeople can leverage social channels to know exactly what customers need.

This course costs around $40.00, and includes 20 videos that cover social selling, CRM, and the use of Salesforce. Afterwards, you get a certificate of completion that you can add to your LinkedIn profile under “Licenses and Certificates”.

Social Selling with LinkedIn

Since we’re using social media to connect with leads and prospects better, why not take a course from one of the biggest social networking platforms out there? LinkedIn is a professional social platform that has over 756 million users. It has changed the way professionals communicate and connect with each other online.

This course costs around $25.00 and it teaches you how to use LinkedIn to get in touch with prospective buyers and start relationships that accelerate sales. The instructor is B2B marketing expert Gabe Villamizar, who explains how to make the most out of LinkedIn social selling. The course includes 10 videos and gives you a certificate of completion for your LinkedIn profile.

Digital Marketing Institute

Digital Marketing Institute’s Certified Digital and Social Selling Specialist Course will sharpen your social media and digital selling skills. It contains 5 interactive modules, 6 hours of self-paced learning content, practical toolkits and templates, and associate-level certification. It even gives you a free DMI membership.

Here you will pick up skills like social selling, digital sales, targeting personas, target marketing, data analytics, and content management. The course costs $445.00.

Simplilearn Digital and Social Selling

The Simplilearn Digital and Social Selling course is a free digital and social selling training course. It covers digital selling, personal brand building, buyer engagement, content marketing, customer acquisition, digital selling strategy, and multi-channel campaign management.

This course includes 8 hours of self-paced video lessons and a completion certificate. Recommended for marketers, digital marketers, and other sales professionals, this social selling course will teach you how to generate better leads with the help of CRM tools.


Available in Coursera is HubSpot Academy’s Sales Training: Techniques for a Human-Centric Sales Process. This course focuses on an inbound sales approach that’s not too “sales-y”. You will pick up skills like sales strategy, negotiation, and customer planning.

Just like the Simplilearn course, you can try this one out for free. It will teach you how to prospect for new business and negotiate better deals.

Sandler Social Selling

The Sandler Social Selling Success Online Course costs $97.00 and is designed to help you build client-attracting profiles. The course also covers things like identifying ideal clients and leveraging social media information to generate sales.

It is not a course that’s designed to teach you how to grow an audience, but rather to teach you how to make the most out of your existing connections.

The online course includes four full video lessons, tools, scripts, and resources for prospecting, social selling, and building your social profiles.

Kennected Social Selling

Kennected isn’t just a LinkedIn automation tool anymore. The company keeps on expanding and offering new ways to help salespeople generate leads and increase their sales online. Now Kennected is also offering a social selling course through Lead Flow Mastery, which is an education program that offers LinkedIn Marketing Training, Branding Training, Messaging Training, and step-by-step Kennected Software Training.

If you want to get your social selling certification, you can go through Lead Flow Mastery and take the exam. Once you pass, you become Kennected Social Selling Verified. This exam comes at no cost to customers of Kennected.

This is everything you need to find success with LinkedIn and Kennected.

These are the best courses to get your social selling certification from. Kennected Social Selling is highly recommended because it is free for Kennected customers, and it teaches you how to get the best results out of social selling.

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