What Are SMS Sales

SMS sales are purchases that are made through an SMS marketing channel via text message marketing.

There are two main pathways that SMS sales come through: promotional SMS via text messages and transactional SMS messages that are also through text messages.

Before we can really understand how these two modes make you money, let’s take a step back and review the basics of SMS marketing and how this strategy can do more for your business than provide convenient communication.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a method of reaching your client base through mass messaging and text message marketing strategy.

SMS stands for “short message service,” meaning that your SMS campaign is rooted in text message format.

Your marketing messages can look very different depending on the day and the content you want to send out to your customers.

A few examples of ways you can use text messaging in your SMS marketing strategy are:

  1. Sending transactional messages to your SMS subscribers.

  2. Using marketing channels to connect you with your customers.

  3. Programming your marketing software to ensure that compelling messages reach your clients with instant notifications.

  4. Send bulk text messages to your customers directly to their mobile devices.

  5. Send a shipping notification to a client.

  6. Write a clear call to action to a group of clients to alert them of a product update.

  7. Link your website or online store to your messages to increase purchases and website traffic.

  8. Boost your social media through mass messages.

  9. Send appointment reminders to your clients.

A great part about conducting an SMS campaign is that the service is so customizable and designed to suit the needs of your business.

Since SMS marketing deals only with text messages, it’s important to highlight the distinctions between this service and other marketing methods you may have employed as well.

One of the most popular forms of digital marketing strategy is sending messages through email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is an extremely valuable asset to your marketing strategy, as it allows you to send long form messages, attach images and links, and reach a great percentage of your clients simultaneously.

A key part of your email marketing strategy is likely to reach as many of your customers as possible in a timely manner, which mirrors the goal of an SMS marketing campaign as well.

At first glance, these two modes of reaching your client base may not seem too different.

Let’s take a second to look at the open rates for email messages versus the open rates for SMS text message marketing campaigns.

According to statistics gathered from, SMS messages received a 98% open rate, versus a 32% open rate for email marketing efforts. (

It is clear that using SMS messages to reach your clients will give you a better result than using email marketing.

However, there are more reasons why SMS campaigns may be better suited for your business that go beyond the open rate statistics.

Once you have obtained the phone numbers of your clients, you can begin your SMS campaign.

You can’t just start out with sending bulk messages, though. SMS marketing messages must start out with an opt in and opt out feature for your customers.

If your clients choose to opt in, you are free to message them using your SMS marketing program as often as you see fit.

You should always include an opt out feature or an unsubscribe link in your SMS messages, even if you are communicating with existing customers.

Obtaining explicit permission to message someone on their direct line is very beneficial, so make sure that your client wants to be receiving messages from your text campaigns.

Because of the opt in and opt out features, you are ensuring that your clients WANT to be hearing from you, and thus you’ll be able to better serve them and their needs.

Another great feature of SMS campaigns is the engagement metrics that your given SMS software platform will provide you.

You’ll be able to see the facets of your marketing communications, as well as the open rates of your messages and the strengths and weaknesses of your SMS marketing program.

When you view these metrics, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to adjust your marketing texts and continue to improve your text marketing to best suit the needs of your business.

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What are SMS Messages?

Your SMS messages are the bulk of your SMS marketing services; these are the text messages that you are sending to your clients from your business.

As mentioned earlier, many eCommerce marketers and small business owners utilize SMS marketing services in order to reach their new customers and existing customers with ease.

Your SMS text messages will come directly from your customized SMS marketing software.

This service enables businesses to send and receive messages, reach out to customers (existing, new and potential customers alike), and expand upon their own marketing best practices.

Every SMS message should look different.

A key part of SMS messaging is that it allows you and your business to become approachable and accessible to your customers.

Once they receive a message from your business, customers expect your future messages to be just as inviting as the first one, so keep in mind the tone and persona you would like to convey.

Some SMS marketing examples include sending shipping updates to your clients, but don’t just include the updates in the marketing message.

Make sure to inject your brand persona into the marketing text messages as well!

Remember to also include an unsubscribe link in every single message you send within your text marketing campaign.

Sending SMS messages is a mutual agreement between you and the customer receiving the message, so including the option to opt out at any time is key towards ensuring customer loyalty and in the interests of your SMS marketing best practices.

How can Text Messages Make Sales?

There are five main ways that an SMS marketing campaign can increase sales for your business.

  1. Generate more leads and interest.

  2. Follow up with leads more quickly than other eCommerce brands.

  3. Nurture customers through conversations.

  4. Collect phone numbers and send promotions.

  5. Get more 5-star reviews online.

Your SMS marketing campaigns will accomplish multiple goals for your business at the same time if utilized correctly.

On the sales side, you’ll be able to send transactional messages to your clients, not only generating leads but also aiding your small business in their digital marketing mission.

Depending on the contents of your SMS marketing message, your text message may be hitting more than one item on the above list.

Take advantage of the many benefits you’ll be receiving from your text message marketing endeavors!

Your text message marketing will show your best practices and your worst practice alike in the statistics provided, so be sure to refer to those metrics often to continue improving your approach.

How Should I Implement Text Message Marketing Into My Sales Approach?

It is extremely easy to kick off your SMS marketing endeavor.

The first thing you’ll want to do is sit down with your C suite and evaluate both your marketing and sales needs.

Perhaps your initial focus will be to foster client relationships and ensure that your customers are satisfied with your services.

You’ll likely include appointment reminders, links to your social media, and other feedback opportunities in your text messaging if this is your goal.

The great part about SMS marketing and text messaging for your marketing and sales goals is that you are not locked in to any kind of message.

Your text message marketing and SMS campaigns can and should change depending on the goal you’re working towards.
As long as you continue to view your analytics and keep your goals central to your messages, your SMS marketing experience should give you a ton of benefits for your business.

How Kennected Uses SMS Sales

At Kennected, we have spent a great deal of time deciding how best to serve our clients.

SMS marketing and other marketing techniques help us improve our service every day, as well as the valued relationships we have with our client base.

The age of digital marketing strategy has become very prevalent over the last few years, so we have adapted our marketing strategy to accommodate that.

Having our clients accessible via their mobile phones has been an incredible asset to the success of our business and mission.

Once you start your own SMS marketing campaign, you’ll also see your marketing and sales efforts transform.

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