Does SMS Require Opt

SMS, or short message service, involves sending text messages from your business and DOES require opt in features in order for your customers to receive messages.

An opt in feature is a choice that is expressly given to each client via text message that will either add them to a subscriber list or remove them from one.

The SMS opt in message is crucial towards developing a successful SMS campaign for your business.

Read on to learn just how this function works and the minutia involved in the process.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is the best way to send mass text messages from your business to your customers.

An SMS marketing campaign involves the creation of marketing messages that will be sent directly from your company to your SMS subscribers, which will be comprised of both your existing and potential clients.

All you need is a phone number in order to send a person SMS messages.

Other marketing channels may rely on email marketing messages and social media in order to broadcast an important message or product update.

The difference between those methods and SMS marketing is that all of your SMS is bound to the text message format.

While this may appear limiting, using text messages to reach your client base is actually one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers.

Since a text message is written in short form, you are able to easily convey relevant information without flooding your client with unnecessary content.

Your text messages may include a call to action, promotional text messages, or clear instructions for employing your services.

These text conversations should be clear in purpose while keeping your specific message central.

Now that we know a little bit about SMS marketing and the function it serves, let’s look into how best to use SMS messaging to advance your business’s marketing strategy.

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What are SMS Messages Used For?

SMS messages are used to text customers about any relevant content you deem is appropriate to send via SMS.

When it comes to business text messaging, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what message you are trying to convey to your clients.

When you are crafting your SMS message, keep the following items in mind:

  • What information do you want your clients to know?

  • What piece of your brand persona do you want to come through in this message?

  • Who on your SMS marketing list would benefit most from this text?

  • What is the message frequency I am aiming for?

  • Does this message encourage a text conversation?

  • Is my support team readily available to assist people on my SMS list?

  • Will my clients be genuinely interested in this content?

Your SMS messages should always revolve around the interest of your customers.

Every SMS text you send should be crafted with the client who will be receiving it in mind.

Commercial text messages can be tricky to create and utilize well, so experiment with the content you send in your SMS texts.

You’ll soon find what your customers best respond to and the messages they like to receive.

What is an SMS Opt Feature?

A huge piece of SMS marketing is the SMS opt in message that must accompany any campaign you start for your business.

An SMS opt in message is a way to express written consent from your customers that they want to receive text messages from you and your business.

This form of customer consent is essentially the same as a subscription form– a customer opts in to receive text messages and they are also able to opt out at any time.

The telephone consumer protection act (TCPA) was created in the 90s to ensure that customers of any business were not receiving unwanted messages, and the solution here was to provide SMS opt ins at every stage of the SMS process.

Making the SMS opt in and opt out easy for clients is crucial regarding SMS compliance rules, so these features should be included in every text sent to every phone number.

The opt feature includes both SMS opt in and SMS opt out instructions in your business text messaging.

When customers opt in, they become a part of your SMS marketing list.

They’ll immediately begin receiving text messages after they have opted in, and they’ll also be able to start texting your business back through specific regulations.

Ideally, many of your customers will choose to opt in and express written consent to receiving text messages from your business.

However, not every consumer will opt in to receive your messages, and that is okay.

You can always ask if they want to be put on the SMS subscribers list when you provide your service in person.

What is a Double Opt In?

The double opt in feature takes the single opt ins even further, making sure that customers have two separate chances to agree to the SMS opt ins.

A single opt in will likely result in many of your customers choosing to opt in, but having a double opt in feature raises the number to more than half of your client base.

This will require consumers to sign up from the first message after providing their phone numbers either online or in person.

Then, the user receives a separate text asking if they would like to opt in to receive and send text messages.

Since SMS compliance rules state that consent must be achieved in order to send texts, businesses will often employ this method for their text messaging.

Even with a double opt in, each text will still feature an opt in and opt out option.

Some customers may decide they no longer want to receive texts to their mobile devices, so making opt outs an option is critical for putting the clients first.

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Should I Use the Double Opt In Feature?

If you want to ensure that your business text messaging is desired by your consumers, then the double opt in feature is a great way to obtain clear consent.

With SMS opt features, it will be easier to conduct a text conversation and avoid texts that can spam your users or where data rates may apply.

Allowing your customers to sign up and commit to your SMS through an SMS opt in is the best way that businesses have found for keeping the customer engaged and informed.

Keep in mind that each text message will feature an opt in and opt out regardless of if you decide to implement the double feature.

You will obtain consent from your consumers as they sign up for your SMS, so it is up to you and your business to decide which method works best for you.

How Kennected Uses SMS Messages

Here at Kennected, we are all about catering to the needs and wants of the customer.

Like other businesses, we want our content to be relevant and for our texts to add value to our company mission and image.

Along with an SMS opt in and opt out, each of our texts are crafted with intentionality and purpose.

Using SMS opt features like SMS opt in and opt out help us to make sure our customers are excited to hear from us and to read what our texts say.

When a customer chooses to opt in, they are proving their loyalty to your company.

With all of this in mind, remember to keep your customer at the center of your SMS at every stage, spanning from consent to content.

You’ll be in great shape to begin sending SMS to all of your loyal customers.

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