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When a company sends an SMS message to its customers, there is a 98% open rate for the message compared to an email message.

Additionally, 60% of customers read their text messages within 1-5 minutes of receiving them. 


Based on these two statistics alone, it is clear that text message marketing is a marketing platform unlike any other.

Read on to learn how you can begin maximizing your business’s potential through SMS marketing campaigns.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS is an acronym for “short message service.”

SMS marketing is an umbrella term used to refer to any marketing that is done via text messaging services.

Mobile marketing can look many different ways, but the standard SMS marketing generally takes the traditional format of sending bulk messages to clients, as well as the option for customers to send text messages back to you and your business.

SMS marketing has garnered a lot of popularity due to the accessibility it provides.

Many people check their phones more frequently than their email messages, and consumers respond at much higher rates to SMS messaging and text messaging advertising.

It is becoming a valued marketing strategy to utilize the ease of SMS marketing efforts, especially due to the click through rate and the response rate this format provides.

It is important to note that SMS marketing does not need to only cover the business to customer side of communication efforts.

This service is just as valuable for within business communication. Mass messages can be sent and received to your employees quickly and effectively, telling them about upcoming events, time sensitive promotions, or any other brand communication that is needed.

Since messages are opened faster, received quicker, and consumers respond at higher rates, SMS marketing is definitely something to consider using for your business’s marketing efforts.

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SMS Marketing Statistics

There are a plethora of SMS marketing statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of mobile messaging.

  1. As of 2021, 67 million Americans receive and redeem coupons via mobile phones.

  2. 66% of Americans check their phones 160 times on average.

  3. The CTR (click through rate) for offer messages is higher by 9.18% compared to other digital marketing channels.

  4. Out of the global population, 48% of individuals are smartphone users.

  5. In general, 9 in 1o people open their text messages.

  6. 45% of potential clients would choose a product or brand after receiving an SMS text from that company.

Source for these statistics:

As the above text message marketing statistics illustrate, text campaigns offer many benefits to both you and your business and the consumers.

The accessibility of mobile devices is an asset to you, and SMS marketing allows you to take advantage of the fact that many people are constantly connected to their mobile phones.

In general, the business world is seeing a digital push in all areas. We have seen a recent rise in the popularity of social media, email marketing, and text marketing features.

When it comes to text message advertising, the statistics speak for themselves.

Your business’s text messages will receive higher click through rates, a higher response rate, and customer support messages with ease.

Other marketing channels certainly have benefits to your business, but it has been found that customers prefer text messaging as a form of communication.

As a preferred channel, SMS marketing geared towards mobile devices is an excellent way to incorporate mobile marketing into your business.

How Marketing Can Exist On Mobile Phones

We receive countless text messages every single day.

A text message is one of the easiest ways to reach people, whether it is for business reasons or for simple outreach.

We take our cell phone with us everywhere, making outreach via mobile devices incredibly effective.

As shown through the above SMS marketing statistics, 90% of individuals open their text messages regardless of the sender.

When you send an SMS text to your clients, it is highly likely that they’ll see it right away and open its contents as well.

SMS messaging is a very convenient way to deliver your messages to your audience, and you don’t have to be limited by the influx of direct mail that often occurs.

Since nearly half of the world’s populations owns a mobile phone, your client base will be well represented on this platform.

Mobile users are widespread, and your messages will be as well. The prevalence of cell phones and the ease of a text messaging service will do your business a lot of favors when it comes to SMS marketing strategy.

Guidelines for SMS Messages

Technically speaking, there are no real rules for your SMS marketing campaign.

Your text messaging can look extremely different from day-to-day, especially once you nail down the intention and purpose your SMS marketing messages will serve.

Here is a list of ways you can utilize your text message marketing efforts to your advantage:

  1. Use SMS technology to ensure the accessibility of your messages

  2. Send appointment reminders to your clients

  3. Alert your client base to flash sales and other opportunities

  4. Send push notifications whenever needed

  5. Link your social media and website to each message to encourage traffic

  6. View your SMS marketing statistics to ensure you are properly reaching your audience

  7. Analyze the SMS marketing report and adjust your content accordingly

Mobile marketing is unique in that you are limited to the text message format.

Since your SMS will take the form of a text message, it’s important to be brief, concise, and intentional with your word choice and structure.

You’ll have to focus on the concision a bit more in SMS marketing than you would during email marketing campaigns or simple phone calls.

Your business’s SMS text messages should be brief and follow a specific format. You can include supplementary materials, like photos or links to other channels.

You don’t want your customers to skim your text messages because they are too long or convoluted to read quickly.

Make sure that your SMS marketing content is engaging, interesting, and reads well to the average customer.

Once you begin to receive text messaging statistics, you’ll see the strengths and weaknesses of your mobile messaging.

You’ll see the average click through rate, what messages consumers prefer, and other SMS comparison features.

Your SMS marketing statistics will tell you a great deal about what is working for your campaign, and more importantly, what isn’t resonating in your text messages for your consumers.

The text marketing statistics may indicate that messages with attachments have a higher opening rate, for example.

Once you learn this tendency, you can adjust your SMS communication to accommodate this and include an image along with important text messaging.

As your SMS continues to grow, the validity of your text messaging statistics will too.

SMS marketing stats will provide you with SMS comparison, the open rates of your SMS text message, the percentage of individuals who use SMS, and the overall effectiveness of your text message marketing.

You’ll soon see the impact of “EZ texting” within your business marketing illustrated through your SMS marketing stats. Make sure to read those texting statistics carefully and with an eye to improve.

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Creating Your Marketing SMS Campaign

Making your entrance into the text message marketing world does not have to be complicated.

Your text marketing is as simple as this: creating your contact list (the customers who will receive text messages), ensuring access on their mobile device, and creating the content that will be distributed.

USA businesses are making the leap to SMS marketing because of its ease, both for the business and for the client base. Using the mobile internet and mobile commerce for multiple reasons is key towards spreading your information to your target audience.

You can also set up your SMS campaign to include automated phone calls and for your clients to receive text messages on a fixed time schedule.

In general, consumers would prefer to be reached via text messages as opposed to email or other channels.

After you have created your SMS campaign, it’s time to see what is working with your client base and what messages resonate with them.

You’ll have access to this information from your automatically created SMS marketing stats that come with the software platform you choose to use.

You may see that consumers would rather see a brief message with a photo accompanying it as opposed to a lengthier message without an attachment.

The best part of SMS campaigns is your ability to tailor your messages to exactly what you are trying to accomplish. As long as you keep your audience central and their interests in mind, your campaign will be successful!

How Kennected Uses SMS Marketing

Here at Kennected, we like to keep our clients at the forefront of what we do.

Making ourselves accessible, as well as the content we are putting out, is key to our success as a business.

We use SMS in a variety of ways, as the versatility of the platform checks many boxes for us.

We send SMS messages to our clients for any short form content we want them to receive, including relevant links and images when needed.

We also find the service helpful for within business outreach– it is easy to reach our employees through mass communication efforts.

Our messages are received quickly and read quickly, allowing our clients to get information in a timely manner whenever it is sent to them.

Without the ability to reach our clients with ease, Kennected would not be maximizing our potential as a service.

We keep our customers informed at Kennected, and SMS helps us do that each and every day.

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