What Is SMS In Business

SMS stands for short messaging service, and is used in business to send mass messages to a specified client base.

SMS is a text messaging service that allows your business to reach your customers in a time effective manner.

As a communication channel and a marketing service in one, SMS marketing is a great way to begin to watch your business grow through more sales and other marketing activities.

Read on to learn more about SMS and what it can do for your business.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a service designed to send text messages to current and potential customers.

Several of the main goals of this business texting service are to improve customer service, increase sales, optimize brand loyalty, and reach prospective customers through incoming messages.

Text message marketing can serve a variety of purposes for your company:

  1. Send automated phone calls to check in on clients

  2. Send appointment reminders through your SMS platform

  3. Receive text messages back from your clients to give them an easy way to contact you

  4. Answer questions through this short message service

  5. Send texts directly to a client’s mobile device

  6. Send delivery updates and business goals to include your customers in the process

  7. Integrate SMS into other areas, like social media and on your website

This form of business text messaging is essential towards improving your communication channel with your customers.

Texting as a concept is not new, and your customers are not strangers to a standard message.

The different here is that traditional text messaging may be rooted in entertainment or simple outreach purposes.

Conversely, your business text messaging should always have an intention and purpose that is central to its message.

An example of this may be that you decide it is in your business’s best interests to have a special offer for your customers if they subscribe to your SMS text messaging.

If this is the case, every message they receive should benefit them in some way.

Being able to send cost effective texts and receive messages back from your clients is an exciting feature, so be sure to maximize this opportunity with intentional messages.

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What are SMS Messages?

SMS messages are any texts you send from your business to your clients contact lists.

SMS messaging is among the most customizable of business texting services, as it allows you to construct a text message from scratch with the content you want included.

SMS texting takes place on a mobile phone using phone numbers.

Because of this format, text marketing does not have to be limited to new customers or even customers at all.

You can use this business text messaging to send texts to prospective employees, using “EZ texting” to provide reminders about the business or any events that may be coming up.

In your SMS text messaging endeavors, you are truly only limited in the format of the message itself.

Since you are using a phone and a textable number to communicate with your clients, your message will have to follow traditional text format.

Let’s take a closer look at the structure needed for these business SMS and business texting efforts.

How Do SMS Messages Differ From Text Messages?

First, let’s outline the difference between a normal text message and an SMS message.

A normal text messaging service allows users to engage in texting with any given phone number at any time.

Data rates apply to both businesses and other users for text messaging.

Additionally, text messaging sometimes serves no purpose other than to reach out and check in with a friend or coworker.

Business texting and business SMS should be purposeful and intentional.

Local businesses may use text marketing to reach potential customers, while other businesses may employ international services to reach a large audience with their SMS text messaging.

You’ll need to experiment with your own marketing efforts to find which methods your customers prefer.

You will assess the needs of your business and decide which methods best support your goals and vision.

It is also a good idea to use other resources and see how other companies use SMS marketing to communicate with their customers.

Now that we have a good grasp on what SMS texting entails, let’s look at how to use EZ texting to your advantage in your business.

How to Use Business Text Messaging Effectively

The best way to ensure the success of your SMS messaging is to always be thinking about the needs of the customer.

Consider these items in your communication efforts:

  1. What information is relevant to the customer?

  2. What kinds of texts do customers prefer?

  3. What messages will help my business?

  4. Is this service prohibitively expensive?

  5. Do these messages allow my customer to engage with my business?

  6. Does this message improve an aspect of communication for my business?

  7. Does this message give my customer a chance to respond?

  8. What is the purpose of this SMS?

These questions will help to guide you in your SMS efforts while keeping your focus narrow and your goals clear.

As a business, it is extremely important to keep your customers at the forefront of your SMS and texting.

Asking these questions before texting and other phone communication will help to keep the customer central to the message.

You’ll want to create your EZ texting campaign with this in mind.

When you shift your focus from pure marketing strategy to catering to the needs of the customer, you’ll begin to support and alter your services to aid their best interests.

Businesses who use SMS communication and create a place for phone support will see greater success than companies who do not give their customer a chance to respond to their communication.

As a business, make sure to experiment with your SMS and texting to give your customers a chance to respond to different methods.

You may find that your business communication receives the highest open rates when an image is included, for example.

Once you see this, you can use this as an example and begin to incorporate more attachments into your business texting.

Find the SMS that works for you, your customers, and your business.

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How Kennected Uses SMS in Business

Here at Kennected, we place immense value on the needs and desires of the customer.

We use successful SMS as an example for future SMS.

We understand that our business is constantly evolving, and so are the needs of our clients.

We pay close attention to what our customers prefer, and are constantly looking for marketing activities that help our business prosper through SMS.

Communication is extremely important to us at Kennected, and it should be the same for your business

Once you begin your own SMS platform, you’ll soon see the many advantages that catered SMS can provide for you and your business. 

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