What Is SMS Good For?

SMS messages are best used to convey important information quickly and effectively to your clients.

SMS messaging allows your business to communicate directly with your customers, with your messages going directly from you to their phones.

Once you integrate SMS into your marketing approach, you can create various marketing channels, MMS messages, and boost sales, with all texts delivered immediately.

Using a multimedia messaging service in order to boost your marketing efforts will do wonders for your business.

Read on to find out exactly what SMS campaigns are good for.

What are SMS Messages Used For?

SMS messages are any message that can be sent and received by a mobile phone.

SMS, or “short message service,” is a fancy way of referring to a text message.

The best way to utilize SMS messages is to create a new marketing channel for your business to use for more informal communication.

Since SMS takes the form of a text, it is best used for mass texting, reaching your existing customers, and even reaching your target audience.

Your current marketing activities are likely taking the form of traditional marketing methods: email marketing, social media ads, and other print media options.

While these other marketing channels serve a purpose, an SMS marketing campaign is a globally adopted communication channel that allows you instant communication with your clients via text message marketing software.

Your SMS texts will go directly to your client’s mobile phone, and this service does not need an internet connection in order to deliver your content.
Any other marketing channel will not give you this instantaneous communication channel without meeting face to face, so it is important to use SMS to your advantage.

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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is the process of using SMS marketing campaigns to send text messages to your clients via their mobile phones.

Unlike email marketing services, SMS messaging is a solely text messaging service.

This allows you to send messages in short form to your SMS subscribers using their phone number.

When contrasted with email marketing and any other marketing method, research has shown that customers prefer receiving texts, as they are easily able to receive messages and respond with their own SMS texts with ease.

An issue often cited with email marketing is that your business’s messages get sent into the spam box, making it more difficult for your customers to access your message.

SMS marketing is designed to be efficient, and above all, easy to access.With your SMS messaging going to your client’s direct phone, you’ll be able to reach all your customers with confidence.

Your SMS marketing messages must be in short form, but you are able message new customers and even collect phone numbers through this marketing tool.

Once you have acquired the phone numbers and your clients have opted into receive text messages, you can now begin using SMS for your small business or large corporation.

What Does SMS Marketing Do For My Business?

SMS marketing campaigns can do so much for small business owners and large companies alike.

Regardless of what type of business you are a part of, using SMS text messaging is a valuable asset to add to your arsenal of marketing tools.

If you are a part of a small business, it can be helpful to look into what other small business owners are doing for marketing messages.

Usually, small businesses will use SMS marketing and “EZ texting” to encourage customer loyalty and communication between themselves and their clients.

For these small businesses, the option to message individually and use text marketing to encourage brand loyalty is likely employed frequently.

Using SMS marketing and text marketing will show you how many people open your message, as well as seeing the effectiveness of your marketing message based on the intention behind it.

For larger corporations, the focus of sending an SMS message may be a little different.

Maybe this company wants to foster relationships with their clients, but their main priority is to use SMS for scheduling and to boost their other platforms.

The great thing about text message marketing is that it is completely customizable to fit what your business needs.

The content in the messages is up to you, so take advantage of the freedom it provides and make sure to keep your goals central to the focus of the SMS campaign.

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How Should I Structure My Marketing Messages?

You should structure your messages like a standard text message.

You are likely used to creating SMS marketing emails and messages to make long form content, meaning that your messages are longer than a paragraph.

A key feature of the text message is how brief and concise the wording of the message is.

Model your content after the format of texting that you know and love!

Here are some things to consider when structuring your SMS messaging:

  1. Use short sentences often.

  2. Stick to a short and easily comprehensible message.

  3. Don’t try to condense marketing emails into text format. Make something new!

  4. Consider the intent of your message, and make sure it is clear to the recipient.

  5. Make your tone informal and approachable.

  6. Try to include images, graphics, or links when possible to add personality to your SMS.

Since your text messaging is going straight to your client’s mobile phones, make sure to add your brand persona into your SMS, along with the above tips.

SMS marketing is unique in that it can serve many purposes for you and your business.

When crafting your SMS text messages, keep in mind that SMS is informal and not meant to be convoluted.

You may be used to writing long form emails or lengthy messages for your clients, but your SMS will be different from that kind of marketing message.

Being brief and to the point will serve your SMS text message marketing campaign well.

Think of it this way– having a client’s phone number is more intimate and invites an air of communication between you and them. Maintaining a friendly tone and painting yourself as approachable and communicative will help the client feel more comfortable responding to your SMS.

SMS marketing is not a one size fits all, so it may take some time for you to nail down exactly what your SMS messaging will look like for your business.

Experiment with your text messages and be sure to emphasize your brand persona throughout your content!

How Can I Use SMS Text Messages To My Advantage?

There are many ways to use SMS text messages and SMS marketing to your advantage.

Let’s unpack those benefits by looking at exactly what makes SMS marketing so special.

  1. You are able to send content directly to a mobile number, ensuring that your client will see your message in a timely manner.

  2. You’ll receive delivery reports from the SMS software that give you helpful statistics and methods to improve your SMS efforts.

  3. An SMS marketing service is guaranteed to give you such affordable results, and quickly.

  4. Your text messages will have a higher rate of opening and responding when compared with email messages.

  5. With access to a customer’s phone number, you’ll be able to message them individually if desired.

  6. Your SMS message will be attached to a sender ID that will be modeled after your business’s name in order to link your messages with your business.

  7. You’ll get tips and tricks to improve your SMS from your given software platform.

Once your SMS marketing venture is off and running, you’ll quickly see how to tailor your messages to serve your purpose.

You’ll soon get the hang of sending SMS text messages from your business platform, and you’ll enjoy it even more once you begin seeing increased website traffic, strengthened business relationships, and happier customers!

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How Kennected Uses SMS To Our Advantage

As a company fluent in digital literacy, Kennected uses SMS marketing techniques to accomplish several of our company goals.

We believe that SMS serves a purpose, and that purpose can change from day-to-day. We are constantly reviewing our own SMS and SMS marketing strategies to ensure we are delivering the best texts to our customer base.

Here at Kennected, we use SMS to foster those customer relationships that are of utmost importance to us and our mission.

Without these relationships and the ability to communicate quickly with our clients, we wouldn’t be providing the best service possible.

SMS marketing has molded Kennected into a fast-growing company with an amazing client community, and SMS can help you do the same for your business. 

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