‘Smile’ Marketing Campaign Takes To Baseball Games

Smile (out Sept. 30) follows an evil supernatural entity that makes people commit terrible acts & smile ear to ear. 

Paramount’s marketing campaign featured performers at baseball games with the biggest smiles.

In a story headlined “Creepy Fans ‘Smile’ At MLB Games,” Sports Illustrated’s reported the smiling crowd members going viral on social media.

Here is what the article states –

“I’ve got to say, Paramount marketing has been very clever with some of the tricks they’ve had up their sleeves for this film,” says director Parker Finn. “This is something that had been discussed a little while back and we were all kind of like crossing our fingers that somebody might notice.”


“It was happening just organically and it was overwhelming how much that took off,” says the director. “It was just instantly everywhere. Kudos for them for their terrific idea.”

Read the full story here

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