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LinkedIn tools are designed to help you reach a wider audience on social media—particularly on the largest professional network online. However, not all LinkedIn tools are made equal. Most of the time, you need to take a closer look at all of your options before fully committing to one. Since you will be investing time and money on the software you choose, you will want to invest in the one that can bring you the best results.

Today we are gonna be looking at two very popular LinkedIn automation tools: Skylead and Kennected.

For those of you who are not familiar with automation, these are tools that complete certain tasks automatically so you can focus on other things like running your business. The thing about automating on LinkedIn is that the social network does not like automation. If you use a low quality tool, you might just end up in LinkedIn Jail.

LinkedIn Jail is another term for having your account suspended or restricted by LinkedIn. As a marketer or business owner, you don’t want to lose your LinkedIn account because it provides so many leads and opportunities.

This is why choosing the best LinkedIn automation tool is essential. You need a safe way to tap into this resource without violating LinkedIn’s terms of service.

If your audience is hanging out on LinkedIn, a high quality automation tool is a lifesaver. You can boost brand awareness and increase your profit by finding and connecting with tons of prospects and leads. It lets you avoid manual prospecting, which means you don’t have to waste hours of your time spraying and praying on the social network.

To stay out of LinkedIn Jail, you need to make sure you are not spamming other LinkedIn users. Sending thousands of unsolicited messages using an automation tool is a surefire way to get in trouble with LinkedIn. They will notice this suspicious activity and they will probably restrict your account.

Only automate the tasks that an ordinary human user can do on LinkedIn. Do not spam users and you should be just fine. If you are automating on LinkedIn, you should do it right.

Best Skylead Competitor That Gets Results on LinkedIn

For those who are wondering “why LinkedIn?”—it’s really simple. This is a social networking platform that has a large user base of over 756 million people composed of professionals from just about every industry. A significant portion of this is made up of CEOs and other key decision makers in different companies.

Professionals are always looking for ways to boost their career. They love opportunities that can help them grow. So if you can provide value, they are more likely to convert.

Social media marketing is the go-to strategy for anyone who wants to promote their products and services online right now. If you want to grow and reach a wider audience, you take advantage of the fact that everyone is spending time online. But when it comes to social media marketing, LinkedIn has a unique edge over its competitors: LinkedIn is a professional network.

When people use LinkedIn, they are consciously looking for these opportunities. This is not the same as Facebook wherein people log in to see posts from their friends and family members—they are not looking to be sold to. It’s not the same as Instagram where they log in to look at aesthetically-pleasing photos. LinkedIn has a business focus, and that’s what gives it a significant edge.

This unique quality is something you can capitalize on using LinkedIn automation. With the right automation tool, you can easily find your target audience and reach them.

Automation solves the biggest problem when it comes to social media marketing: and that is the fact that it can be extremely time-consuming. Looking for your prospects and actually messaging them takes time. But you don’t want to spam them either, so you can’t just copy and paste the same messages over and over. This is where LinkedIn tools come in.

What Skylead Offers

Skylead is an automation tool that helps you use LinkedIn to its full potential. According to the website, it is supposed to give you 10x more leads while saving up to six hours a day. With no risk to your LinkedIn account, you can double your response rate and also save money on lead generation. You can schedule a demo and try it out for yourself.

Skylead lets you create smart sequences by combining emails, InMails, and connection invites under just one solution. You can set up different scenarios for your workflows based on the prospect’s behavior. Create complex flows and set time delays between them depending on your preference. Additionally, you can run multiple campaigns at once to see what works best for you. Skylead even allows you to perform A/B testing so you could cover more ground.

Skylead supports Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Premium and Recruiter Lite. It gives you different ways to generate leads. You can search for your target audience on LinkedIn or import your own CSV file.

This cloud-based solution has a lot of features that can help you generate leads. You can log in safely and manage your campaigns from anywhere using any browser.

It is a safe and secure system that has dedicated location-based IP addresses. This tool automates your LinkedIn outreach in a perfectly human-like manner so that it cannot be detected. Skylead also integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and even Google Sheets if you want to.

But if you are looking for an even better alternative, Kennected is the LinkedIn tool for you.

What Kennected Offers

Kennected is the safest, most effective automation tool for LinkedIn if you want to generate a stream of leads without putting your account at risk. When you set up a campaign on Kennected, it limits the number of messages you send per day so you don’t come across as a spammer.

Kennected automates the tasks that are mundane and repetitive so you can focus on profit-generating activities. You can run your business, work on improving your products, create content, convert leads, and build relationships—all while Kennected generates leads for you in the background.

This automation tool is all about bringing you smart prospecting on autopilot. Kennected sends your messages automatically, but not in bulk, so it’s like you are sending the messages yourself.

Oftentimes when you’re on LinkedIn and you read a message from someone, you can immediately tell that they are just trying to sell something to you. That’s not the right way to do it. Kennected’s goal is to reach your target audience on LinkedIn and help you create a rapport with them, so you can take the relationship online and sell to them if it’s the right fit.

You can’t sell to every single person you encounter online. That’s what leads to spamming. Kennected understands the importance of relationships. We help you build genuine connections with high quality leads.

Another important quality of Kennected that other LinkedIn automation tools don’t have is the ability to personalize your outreach messages. Personalization is an essential quality in a LinkedIn tool because it keeps you from sounding like a spammer.

When someone receives a personalized message they are less likely to get annoyed, and are more likely to respond. Just think about how everyone hates spam emails: that’s the reason you need to personalize your messages.

With a high response rate, your account can stay safe and secure. It shows LinkedIn that you are a legitimate user who is expanding their network on their social platform.

Kennected’s automation tool will personalize your messages. It uses tags like First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Company Name, and more. This will allow you to start more conversations that will lead to strong business relationships. Spamming people with a generic, copy-pasted message will not give you that same result.

Kennected also sends a set number of follow-up messages, which you can also personalize. These follow-ups can be scheduled ahead of time. They will stop after a certain number of follow-ups have been sent over a period of time, or once the recipient replies. Kennected has a reply detection feature that allows the latter.

Kennected even gives you important data and analytics to help scale your business.

Simplify your lead generation with Kennected. No more waiting for leads to answer. It’s very easy to set up a sequence. Just search for your target audience using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters. You can make the search as wide or as specific as you need it to be. Then just copy the search result URL and paste it onto Kennected and then hit Enter.

You can set up your message and schedule your follow-up. Kennected can help you write copy, but we also provide highly-effective templates to improve your sales outreach. Of course, your message will also be personalized based on the recipient.

When someone responds to your message, you can take over from there and start talking to your leads. This takes a lot of the manual work out of prospecting. You don’t need to check every few hours just to see if anyone has answered. You don’t need to check up on them and send follow-ups by yourself. You can just do the work you have to do and Kennected will notify you once you’ve received a response.

Kennected lets you have multiple campaigns active at the same time.

Smart prospecting on autopilot effectively creates a stream of leads, meetings, and appointments for your business. You can put all your energy on converting these leads into loyal customers. And as a bonus, you can achieve all of this with zero dollars on ad spend. Kennected does all the heavy lifting.

Kennected works even without Sales Navigator. It works with or without a premium LinkedIn account, which means you can just use what you have now. However, you do need Google Chrome to use this amazing LinkedIn tool.

If that wasn’t enough, Kennected also scrapes important contact information from the people you connect with on LinkedIn. As soon as someone connects with you, you receive their phone number, company website, email address, etc., right inside your Kennected dashboard. As long as the information is available publicly, you can gain access to it automatically.

What is Kennected’s Onboarding & How Does It Help Educate Customers to Get Better Results?

All of these qualities make Kennected a fantastic tool for automating on LinkedIn. It’s the best software out there for this purpose. It’s safe, it’s effective, and it helps you develop strong relationships with your potential clients.

But what really sets Kennected apart from the competition is its professional onboarding. This SaaS company doesn’t just give you a LinkedIn tool, it teaches you how to make the most out of LinkedIn.

We believe in helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential. We help clients learn about the importance of LinkedIn as well as how to get the best results out of their LinkedIn outreach.

When it comes to LinkedIn marketing, most business owners don’t even know where to begin. It can be hard to navigate this social media because there aren’t a lot of platforms like it. This is why Kennected’s onboarding process involves a lot of hand holding. We want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

During onboarding, we do a deep dive into your industry and your business goals. We believe no one understands your business better than you do. That’s why we teach our clients how to fish instead of just giving them fish. Kennected gives you the knowledge, the tools, and the resources you need to reach your business and professional goals.

Benefits of Working with Kennected

Kennected’s LinkedIn automation tool helps you generate a stream of leads, meetings, and connections—all while keeping your account safe. And with our onboarding process, you can avoid all the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when prospecting on LinkedIn.

But beyond that, working with Kennected has plenty of other benefits. Automation isn’t the only thing we can help you with. We offer a full suite of products that we call the K-Suite. This is an integrated suite of software that is designed to make your sales process a lot easier.

Included in the K-Suite is Kennected Video, an easy to use software that lets you create personalized marketing videos. You can use it to record, edit, and upload personalized videos. Kennected Video lets you record from your screen or using a webcam. You can then trim, edit, and merge videos before you upload them.

Kennected understands the popularity of videos in the online space, that’s why we help our clients capitalize on them by making highly impactful videos. Imagine adding a video to your email. You are much more likely to grab their attention and receive a reply. You can make your email outreach a lot more personalized, and therefore more impactful. You can address people directly so that they know you’re not just spamming them.

And if you’re wondering if videos are really that effective, just think about how people usually stop scrolling the minute they see a video on their newsfeed or timeline. Video marketing is one of the best strategies on social media right now, and it’s because people love watching them. They can’t get enough.

You can use videos for content marketing. They are perfect for delivering your brand’s message while also giving value to your viewers. Videos are entertaining and educational at the same time. High quality videos can captivate an audience. They can even go viral.

Videos combine all of the elements that make other forms of content so appealing: they contain images, movement, audio, text, music, graphics, effects, etc. They combine all of these things into one easy to digest package. Videos can give more information within a short period of time.

So if there’s anything that can potentially keep up with people’s short attention spans—it’s video.

You can use Kennected Video to improve your cold outreach. More and more brands are beginning to use this tactic to attract the attention of their leads. Don’t miss out on this fantastic source of leads and revenue.

Aside from Kennected Video, K-Suite also includes Kennected Calendar, which is the best tool for scheduling appointments and meetings. Sometimes it’s a nightmare to set an appointment with your leads. You can miss out on amazing business opportunities simply because you can’t find the right schedule for a meeting. But Kennected Calendar solves this problem for you.

Kennected Calendar prevents you from ever getting double booked. It syncs with Google Calendar and it saves your calendar on Kennected’s cloud servers so you can access it anywhere you are. Check your schedule any time you want—from anywhere.

If you are scheduling an appointment with someone from a different time zone, you can sync up with them using Kennected Calendar as well.

Kennected provides a wide range of solutions that can help you achieve your business goals. From our LinkedIn automation, to our K-Suite, to our professional onboarding, we empower our clients with the tools, knowledge, and resources to take their business to the next level. That’s the power of Kennected.

What Our Customers Say about Kennected

You don’t have to take our word for it. Kennected has worked with over 15,000 clients from all around the globe—and we keep on getting positive reviews from our clients. You can read some of them below:

Jim Lehr is the owner of a digital marketing agency, and so he knew about the importance of LinkedIn and online marketing. He was manually sending messages on the social network way before we discovered Kennected. But when he did learn about our automation tool, he realized how much easier it would be to reach out to all the business owners he wanted to meet.

Jim learned that Kennected: “Had a platform that could do for me what I was doing manually, completely automated…and it was fantastic! The platform will allow you to prospect throughout the day on LinkedIn. I mean specific business owners, you can run the demographics and really narrow it down and hone in on who you’re looking to meet.”

According to Jim, Kennected was an outstanding prospecting tool. “The folks at Kennected have been outstanding as far as the support is concerned. Anytime I’ve ever had a question, these guys get back to me right away. They helped me actually even with my messaging to my potential clients so they’ll walk through what works, what doesn’t work. And if I ever have any questions whatsoever, they get back to me immediately.”

“I would say that it is a very targeted platform, very easy to use, it integrates with multiple CRMs. And essentially this thing is out there cold calling for me all day long while I get back to work. I can’t even explain the value in that.”

Glenn Cunningham had a similarly positive experience working with Kennected. Glenn is a realtor, and with the help of Kennected he secured two listings, two buyers, and five investors all within 60 days.

“I started using Kennected about 60 days ago. At the time I had less than 100 connections on LinkedIn and since then that’s grown to almost 2,000. In that time I’ve secured two listings, one of which is actually under contract right now. I’ve secured two other buyers that are actively looking, and also five investors that are looking for investment properties.”

Glenn also spoke about the potential connections and opportunities he could make in the future: “And that’s not even including the hundreds of conversations that I’ve had one on one with great people that no doubt will lead to deals and referrals down the road. It’s added an entire stream of revenue to my business.”

Andy Mork is the CEO at Mork Productions, and he used Kennected to earn $60,000 within three months.

“Before I started using Kennected, I was prospecting businesses via networking events, reaching out via email or cold call. When I started using Kennected it really automated my way of prospecting,” Andy said. “Within three months I was able to gain about $60,000 worth of business for very low price and I barely had to do any work at all.

“It’s also allowed me to reach into markets that I haven’t even conceived before, and just by reaching directly out to marketing directors and the type of people that I want to be talking to. Incredibly easy to use, highly recommended.”

Brands and business owners are realizing the potential of social media marketing, particularly on LinkedIn. That’s why more and more entrepreneurs are booking demos on Kennected and learning to make the most out of this incredible software. Book a demo today to generate more leads and increase your revenue through LinkedIn automation.

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