Should You Make Your LinkedIn Profile Public?

LinkedIn is used by many professionals around the world in order to connect with colleagues, clients, potential customers, etc. This is a social networking platform for people who want to expand their professional network.

So if your goal is to make new connections, get more clients, meet more people, and drive more business to your company, then you should make your LinkedIn profile as accessible as possible. This means making your profile public.

The default profile and privacy settings on LinkedIn are not optimal for most people. Your LinkedIn settings affect the way other users see you on LinkedIn. If you are not properly adjusting your settings to improve your visibility, then it may limit other people’s ability to see your profile—thus limiting your chances of making new connections. If set incorrectly, these settings may even slow down your overall business development efforts.

Benefits of Making Your LinkedIn Profile Public

It is a known fact that most recruiters search LinkedIn using Google. Making your profile public will allow you to appear on search results, therefore improving your chances of being found by recruiters. But this has benefits for marketers, entrepreneurs, and sales people as well.

Since a public profile is more accessible, potential clients, customers, and leads can find out more about you by checking your profile.

Visibility is key when it comes to marketing on social networking sites—perhaps more so on LinkedIn than any other platform.

Public profiles appear in searches on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines, so it is essential for anyone who wants to make the most out of LinkedIn to make their profile public. Your profile can show up based on searches for your name, company, or other keywords associated with you and your brand.

If you show up in search results and someone who is out of your network clicks through, your LinkedIn privacy settings will determine how much information they see.

Changing Your Privacy Settings

To change your settings, click on the ‘Me’ icon and then ‘Privacy & Settings’. Review all of the options available to you. It is best to tweak it according to your personal preferences and how visible you want your profile to be. As you check the sections on the right-hand side, you will see how your public profile shows up on the left.

We recommend being completely open, especially if you have taken the time to develop a valuable and resource-driven profile complete with buyer-centric messaging. You may also customize your profile URL by clicking the pencil and typing your name, brand, or a variation of it.

The profile viewing options are also important because when you visit someone’s profile, this setting will determine what the other person sees in their ‘Who Viewed Your Profile’ section. The three choices available are the following:

Your name, headline, location, and industry

Private profile with a characterization like company name or school, but not your name

Totally anonymous

Keeping this open will also allow you to see who has viewed your profile. And while viewing profiles anonymously has its occasional uses, it also prevents you from seeing who viewed your own profile. When you switch to anonymous profile viewing, the person you visit will still receive the notification that someone viewed their profile, but they will not see your name and information.

There are certain reasons why people wish to go private or anonymous on LinkedIn. It is useful for when you are only starting out and just want to learn the ropes. Being private also lets you do some research into your competition or other people in your industry to see how they are displaying their profiles.

But once you have set up your LinkedIn profile, it is best to switch it to public so that you can maximize your outreach. The benefits of having a public LinkedIn profile are too good to be ignored.

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