Why Are Short Videos More Effective?


Videos are great for marketing. Short videos are even better. And today we’re going to talk about why this type of video marketing is so effective, including why you should start making your own short videos right away.

First, let’s talk about videos. Videos are just moving pictures, but they have a great impact on their viewers. That’s because movement attracts our eyes—we can’t help but pay attention to videos. A smart marketer can make the most out of this opportunity by creating high quality content that manages to keep their attention. If a picture paints a thousand words, then imagine the impact of videos.

People love watching videos. In fact, they spend more time online watching videos than reading text and looking at pictures. That’s why video marketing is so powerful in the first place. But a good video is memorable and impactful. It can stay with your audience even if they watch a hundred videos later on. That’s the goal most video content creators strive for. They want to use the popularity of the medium to deliver a message that sticks with the audience.

Unfortunately, people tend to have very short attention spans. Even with videos, they will lose interest very quickly if you don’t present them with something that’s really worth their time. And if your video happens to bore them, they won’t hesitate to click away. There’s no shortage of video content, after all.

Experts say people will only watch the first 8 seconds of a video before losing interest. That’s why they recommend putting your best 8 seconds of content at the start of your video.

But another effective way to work around people’s short attention spans is to just make short videos. Adapting to the needs of the audience is the key to any marketing campaign.

Why Should You Use Short Videos for Marketing?

In the age of social media, the audience doesn’t want to spend too much time consuming content, unless that’s what they specifically signed up for. When they are scrolling mindlessly on their timelines or news feeds, they don’t want to spend 20 minutes watching a single video. They prefer short videos so they can watch more content during their break time or while they are relaxing.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your videos, keep them short. Not only will it be easier for you to produce shorter content, you will also enjoy more views and engagement this way.

YouTube is a good example of this. Notice how almost every video you watch on the site includes some sort of short-form commercial? This type of ad is less intrusive and less likely to be skipped. They are designed to grab the attention of the viewer immediately, and deliver the message as soon as possible. If it’s any longer, people are going to hit the “Skip Ad” button. With short videos, there is no “Skip Ad” option—it’s not necessary. The commercial is over before the viewer even thinks about clicking away.

The audience loses interest in the first few seconds. But shorter videos intrigue them because they are used to long-form video content. If a brand is so confident in its value that it can market itself in just a few seconds, this makes the audience trust that brand more.

On top of all that, it even makes the audience more curious about the brand and its offerings. It makes them want to know more. This then leads to further engagement as they do their own research into your business.

Marketers today need to learn how to think like a YouTube advertiser. Even if you’re posting on Facebook or any other social media, you can apply the principles used by YouTube marketers. They are able to engage viewers consistently using creative and eye-catching videos.

Eye-catching is the keyword. People are naturally going to view your video, but the challenge is to make them care about your brand. So make every second count.

The good news is that shorter videos give you more freedom to be creative. You can create something unexpected—something that promotes your brand and introduces it to a larger audience. You can go for the relatable route or you can be funny. You can hit them with a little-known fact that only industry experts know about. You can post a quick testimonial about your products and services. You can go the viral route and produce a video that’s share-worthy.

Whatever you do, keep it authentic and original. That is the key to success when it comes to making short videos. You can make whatever type of video you want, but make sure it still has something to do with your brand.

Remember that people buy on emotion and then justify their purchase logically. So appealing to their emotions with your short video is often a good idea.

Another huge benefit of short videos is that they are just much easier to distribute. Short videos are more likely to go viral because of their unlimited replay value. They are also literally easier to share because they are small in file size. On top of all that, short videos are just easier to remember.

When to Use Longer Videos

That said, long-form videos aren’t going anywhere any time soon. They still have their place in your overall video marketing strategy. If your campaign is nothing but short videos, people may struggle to understand what your brand is all about.

You need to use short videos to get people interested—and then you can use longer videos to give them more details once they are hooked. If you want to introduce your business to a wider audience, use short videos. But for those who are further along into your sales funnel, you can give them a more detailed explanation about your products and services. Since they are closer to making a buying decision, they wouldn’t lose interest over a longer video. In fact, they would appreciate having more information about the product they want to buy.

So as you can see, shorter videos are taking over the digital landscape, but there’s still a place for your high quality long-form video content. Don’t miss out on this fantastic source of leads and revenue: start creating eye-catching short videos today!

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