How Do I Shoot Sales Videos On My Phone?

Videos have revolutionized marketing—and now entrepreneurs are rushing to get their own video content out there. However, there are others who have shied away from this excellent opportunity, thinking that they need fancy equipment to get a good video marketing campaign going.

Most video marketing experts will tell you that is not the case. While sophisticated cameras are ideal, you don’t need them to launch your own video marketing campaign. It’s more important to get started as soon as possible and begin connecting with your target audience using videos online.

You need to work with what you have, even if you only have a smartphone.

In fact, we shouldn’t underestimate the smartphone at all. Most smartphones these days can capture high quality images as well as audio. Let’s not pretend like smartphones aren’t viable for video marketing—when in fact they are. A lot of entrepreneurs use them for their own campaigns.

When it comes to video marketing, your content matters more than production value. So you need to start providing value to your audience while you’re working on upgrading your gear. You can work towards that goal, but for now, let’s talk about how you can make the best possible sales videos using only your smartphone.

How Do I Shoot Sales Videos on My Phone?​

Videos are entertaining, informative, and eye-catching. The best part is that they’re not going anywhere any time soon. So now is the perfect time to master this marketing technique so you can increase your conversions, improve brand recall, and reach a wider audience.

While not every video can be shot on your phone, there are a lot of video types that allow this. In fact, a lot of viewers will appreciate the authentic quality of a video made with just a smartphone. Vlogs, for example, are great because they require little investment but offer high potential return. You don’t need an Oscar-level production for your vlogs. Just a simple camera will do.

It’s not just vlogs that you can shoot with your smartphone either. It lends itself to videos that are timely and highly topical. If you need to produce and publish a video right now, your best bet is to use a smartphone.

Here are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Shoot with Editing in Mind​

This is the single most important tip you will need to apply when shooting video content, whether you’re using an expensive camera or a smartphone. Always think about how you are going to edit your content as you are shooting it. While this means you’ll have to spend a bit more time shooting your content and making sure everything is done right, this will also help you save time on video editing.

Make sure you have enough footage of everything you need to record, including “safety takes” so you don’t end up having to reshoot anything. That would be a huge waste of your time.

Rename your clips so it’s easier to identify which takes are for which parts of the video. Delete all outtakes right away so you don’t spend too much time rewatching clips and looking for the ones you can actually use.

If you’re recording yourself and you make a mistake, just pause for a few seconds, reset, and then deliver your line again. You need those few seconds of clear audio so it’s easier to cut your clips while editing. Always hold your camera shots longer than you think you should.

Shoot in a Well-Lit Environment​

You don’t need an expensive camera, and you don’t even need a studio. Unless you’re shooting on location, you can just look for a nice plain background to sit in front of. Maybe there’s a wall in your office that’s plain and perfect for shooting short videos.

If you want to make your video more interesting, shoot in a location with an interesting background. The colors and depth will make your video more visually striking compared to just standing in front of a white wall. As long as the background isn’t distracting from the main subject of your video, it should be fine.

As a general rule, your location should have something to do with your video’s topic. Think about what message you are trying to convey and see if there is a particular place that can help reinforce that message. For example, if it’s a business update, you may want to shoot inside your office.

Whether you have natural lighting beaming through the windows or you have some nice artificial lighting in the room, just make sure that the subject is clearly visible in the shot. Your viewers want to see your face and your expressions. Always face the light so it doesn’t produce shadows on your talent’s face.

If the shot has too many shadows covering up your features, it won’t be very appealing to look at. Not to mention that from a psychological perspective, it can make you look less trustworthy. And as a marketer your goal is to gain your audience’s trust.

Even if you are shooting with a smartphone, as long as you are filming in a well-lit area, your video quality will improve significantly.

Capture the Best Audio Possible

Capturing high quality images with your smartphone is possible, but audio is where it can get tricky. But again, this all comes down to your location. Find a nice, quiet area that doesn’t have too much echo. The goal is to just ensure that the viewers can clearly hear your subject’s voice.

With a smartphone, you need to shoot from a close angle or else the microphone won’t capture the audio. The farther away you are from the subject, the harder it is to capture decent audio. Your phone will also pick up a lot more ambient noise if you’re too far away.

This is by far the clearest disadvantage of using a smartphone for making sales videos. But you can always invest in a proper microphone to fix this problem.

Shoot Horizontally

Do not shoot your videos vertically. Entrepreneurs who are new to content creation sometimes make this mistake. Set your phone sideways before recording anything.

If you shoot vertically, the end result will have black bars on the side. You want your content to look as professional as possible, and one simple way to do that is by just shooting with your smartphone in a horizontal position.

Use a tripod—that’s one of the best investments you can make when you’re focusing on video marketing. A tripod will keep your entire shot steady so it’s easier on the eyes.

Keep your phone level and check the focus before hitting the record button. You don’t want a blurry end result, so tap on your smartphone and it should automatically focus on your subject’s face or whatever it is you are trying to highlight.

When shooting sales videos on your smartphone, you just need to stay organized, pick a good location for your shoot, and keep the camera steady. It’s not about what equipment you’re using. In fact, you can improve your video quality even further through editing. But the most important thing is the content. Plan your videos ahead of time, write a script or an outline, and be professional in front of the camera.

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