How Do I Set Up SMS Gateway

Once you decide to create an SMS campaign for your business, you’ll first have to create an SMS gateway using software designed to support this function.

Your own SMS gateway software will be curated just for your business by SMS API developers and a designated SMS service provider as well.

With your SMS gateway application, you’ll be able to begin building a massive mobile network with amazing routing capabilities and SMS messaging features.

Let’s review the important concepts involved in an SMS gateway for your business, starting with the idea of an SMS server.

What is an SMS Server?

In simple terms, an SMS server is a term used to describe the physical piece of the SMS gateway you will be creating.

The difference between an SMS server and an SMS gateway is that your user account will be attached to your SMS server.

Conversely, the gateway is where your messages are sent and received from.

With that distinction in mind, you must set up your SMS server in a way that maximizes your mobile communication methods and the ability to send and receive SMS.

Your SMS server will be linked to your bulk SMS services, and these will include the following items:

  1. Your contact list

  2. A list of phone numbers entered in your system

  3. Access to data from users via feedback surveys and open rates

  4. A database with relevant information and details pertaining to your service and customers

  5. One time passwords for safety purposes

  6. International format and global system options for easy access

  7. Templates for outgoing SMS messages and incoming SMS messages

  8. Device settings and other important features

With all of these features within your designated SMS server, you’ll be ready to produce SMS content using outstanding technology soon!

Before you head off to send SMS messages, let’s first take a second to review what goes into an SMS message and how to send SMS that benefits you.

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What are SMS Messages?

An SMS message is any short form content that you send from your business to your customers.

SMS messages will take the from of text messages, since the communication is taking place via mobile phones through SMS gateways.

Your SMS messages can cover many topics and accomplish quite a few things:

  1. Connect you with your clients easily and effectively

  2. Update your users with product updates and upgraded services

  3. Send messages directly to your client’s mobile phone

  4. Receive SMS text messages from your clients concerning feedback/outreach

  5. Send and receive SMS messages without an internet connection

  6. Send texts without an installation process

  7. Link your website and social media pages to your messages to enhance traffic to those sites

Your SMS messages are highly customizable and truly only limited by the text message format.

The ability to send and receive SMS without relying on the internet is one of the most attractive features of an SMS campaign.

You don’t need to install anything or use a computer to view these texts.

All you need is a device and a phone number– it could not be easier!

Once you begin to send SMS, you’ll start to notice which kinds of texts your client base responds to best.

Use this data and create an SMS solution that allows you to strengthen your mobile network and web server.

Let’s look at how these texts can be used for the benefit of your business!

How Can I Use SMS Messages for My Business?

The best features of SMS is that it frees up valuable time for you to allocate elsewhere.

Once you have set up your own SMS gateway through your SMS service provider, you’ll be able to send SMS at any time.

You can even configure your settings so that texts go out to your users automatically.

An example of this would be sending out a brief description of your service to someone who has just subscribed to your SMS service list.

Once they have provided their telephone number, you have all the information you need to include them in your SMS.

Your SMS gateway is also designed to be load balancing, meaning that it will maintain high performance standards while also ensuring that your clients are being reached effectively.

With confidence in your gateway and ability to connect with your contact list, you’ll soon be able to send frequent SMS to all those who want to receive it.

What is SMS Gateway Software Ozeki?

Ozeki is a popular SMS gateway platform that prides itself on its flexibility and ability to check a variety of SMS boxes for your business.

As an SMS gateway option, Ozeki is complete with a GSM modem and MYSQL database to ensure ease of access for you and your business.

A GSM modem is a service that connects to SIM cards and functions similarly to a mobile phone.

GSM modems will monitor your SMS, as well as aiding in user connect features and providing analytics to your SMS gateway.

An MYSQL database is essentially an online storage site that will store data, services, and any details that have come through your website or another system.

If you choose to utilize Ozeki as your service provider, you would receive the benefits of the SMS gateway, as well as the GSM modem and online database.

These services allow you to create a system that works for your service.

You can configure your SMS message to fit specific details that have been provided for you through this system, or even install a new feature according to a solution that Ozeki has suggested for your business.

As a service provider, Ozeki can do a lot for your SMS strategy.

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How Does Ozeki Software Benefit My Business?

This SMS gateway in particular will aid your business in a variety of ways.

Ozeki will allow you to connect each user with their respective telephone number, combining them into a comprehensive list for your mass messaging efforts.

You can even create a password protected service in your windows to ensure that your client’s information and phone number are not accessible to others.

As a service provider, Ozeki will do everything it can to make your user account easy to use as a gateway and for SMS purposes.

Once you install this service onto your computer or windows, all of the necessary details needed to configure your SMS gateway will be included.

Your SMS gateway will have a password, and you’ll be able to create an example message for a given user if you wish.

Using your computer or device of choice, you’ll now be set to go on your SMS gateway campaign.

When it comes to producing a message using your SMS gateway, Ozeki will also aid you in that specific item.

Once you install the service and begin to send texts, Ozeki will provide you with helpful analytics to help you improve and strengthen your texts.

Your SMS gateway can also be used to organize windows, user information, and any message that includes feedback or other relevant information.

It is clear to see that Ozeki is instrumental for your business when it comes to providing an excellent SMS gateway.

How Kennected Uses SMS Gateway

At Kennected, we strive to make our business user friendly and as accessible to our customers as possible.

With an SMS gateway, our clients don’t need to install any applications or configure any windows to be in contact with us.

Each user is able to connect with us through a simple message, and our SMS gateway is designed to enhance this user friendly quality wherever possible.

Our message is clear: we want to reach our customers quickly and effectively, and we want them to be able to message us back as well.

It’s time for you to start incorporating SMS into your business– use an SMS gateway to accomplish your goals!

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