Is SEO Good For Generating Leads

Lead generation is one of the most difficult challenges when it comes to the world of online marketing. According to a 2017 report from HubSpot, generating enough traffic and leads is the top marketing challenge for 63 percent of the organizations they examined.

But there are lead generation tools and techniques that are specifically designed to find leads, drive more traffic to your website, and help increase your sales. SEO and LinkedIn prospecting are only two examples.

Today we’re looking at SEO, or search engine optimization, to see if it is an effective tool for generating leads.

Is SEO Good For Your Company?

Content plays a very important role in marketing and lead generation. Blog posts and guides, for example, can attract visitors who may be converted into paying customers.

But posting content is not enough: SEO works with the understanding that only sites that rank highly in search results can get traffic. This lead generation method is all about optimizing the content you post on your website so that it will turn up higher in search results when people look up certain keywords.

SEO is an effective lead generation tool used by most marketers in the industry right now. This is because an estimated 59 percent of consumers use search engines to find local businesses.

However, SEO is more of a long term strategy that you need to constantly work on. In a fast-paced professional landscape, you need other ways to generate leads that will give you immediate benefits. SEO is not a lead generation strategy by itself—but rather a technique that you should be applying for all of your content. It will take months or even years to pay off as its effectiveness depends on the strength of your website. This is something you build over time.

You Need Leads—Fast

SEO can indeed reap huge rewards if done right. But instead of just waiting for this long term play to pay off, you need better options that can help you right now. LinkedIn prospecting with the help of automation tools can give you the leads you need—quickly.

You need leads in order to get more clients. Without proper lead generation, you will be left behind by your competition. If that happens, you may struggle to build up your own brand and establish your credibility. A solid lead generation strategy will involve both SEO and LinkedIn prospecting.

LinkedIn is a massive platform used by professionals to expand their network. It is full of fresh and qualified leads—which Kennected can find for you. Kennected is an automation tool that uses LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to help you get in front of your ideal clients. You can then use Kennected to send personalized messages and follow-ups automatically, so you can save a lot of time and energy. With this fast-paced lead generation tool, you can focus on more important tasks like managing your business or talking to prospects. Kennected lets you fine tune your outreach and build real relationships at scale.

Why You Need Paid Ads and Our Outreach to Drive Prospects into Your Pipeline

Do not underestimate the value of having paid ads. Paid advertisements are great investments because they work passively: they drive traffic to your website and attract the attention of willing buyers. Paid ads will drive prospects into your pipeline and help you find your most loyal customers. Paid ads are great because 41 percent of clicks in search results go to the top three paid ads.

If you include Kennected’s topnotch outreach to your lead generation strategy, you can get even better results. Kennected lets you target your messages so that they will find the best audience. You don’t have to spend all day on LinkedIn sending connection requests manually, or hoping that your optimized content will attract more people. Kennected empowers you to take a proactive approach to your LinkedIn outreach.

Lead generation may be costly, but it is cost-effective. You cannot cut corners when it comes to lead generation. You might as well invest on Kennected, which is the best automation tool available right now.

Kennected helps you refine your outreach with laser accurate data, automated messages, and many more useful features. Book a demo today to learn more about Kennected.

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