How Can I Send SMS Like Company?

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Many businesses find it useful to incorporate SMS campaigns into their marketing strategies, and you can do this through creating a sender id specifically tailored to your company.

The most important piece of running a business is having a working relationship with your client base, and an awesome way to do this is through SMS campaigns that are designed to encourage communication between you and your customers.

Through a company-tailored SMS service, you will increase customer feedback through text messages and expand the breadth of your digital marketing outreach.

What are SMS Campaigns?

SMS campaigns are a service that allow you to communicate directly with your client base through a custom sender id.

The first step towards creating an SMS campaign for your company involves establishing your contacts and the customers you are intending to reach. The great thing about an SMS campaign is that you are able to craft your recipient list according to your company’s needs through a simple process.

The first step in this process is deciding what correspondence you would like to be delivered to your client base.

You can have a text message curated to produce follow up texts from your clients, or you can set up your SMS to allow for open communication between you and any given recipient.

Any SMS campaign involves the usage of mobile operators that are able to deliver messages on a large scale and to a large number of people. The campaign will be linked to your company name, ensuring that the bulk SMS that is received will be attached to a familiar sender id.

Having your business name attached to a custom sender id will do wonders for your customer’s view of your company and image. The ability to send and receive messages from your client base is invaluable to your company’s marketing strategies.

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What is a Sender ID?

A sender id is a company name that will appear in the “from” section of a text message that your client will receive. In a bulk SMS campaign, it is critical to create a sender id that either matches with your company name or is easily recognizable to the recipients.

Your SMS sender id will be the first indicator to your client that your business not only cares about them, but also that you value their individual feedback and concerns. Seeing the company name attached to the sender id will immediately indicate that your business is fluent in mobile communication.

The sender name should be simple and reminiscent of your company name, if not matching the name exactly. Take into account any disparities and try to reduce them.

An important piece of your brand and digital marketing strategies is ensuring that your clients are able to reach you quickly and effectively. When they receive a text from your company on their phone, they will be able to send a response back to you and gain support if they need it.

Another great feature of an easily recognizable sender id is the accessibility it allows your customers to have with you and your business. Once they see a message pop up from you on their cell phone, they immediately know that you are reaching out to them with the intention of helping them further or learning from their experiences.

With a familiar sender id, customers will be generally inclined to respond to your business text messaging and will be more likely to respond with their own SMS message.

Your company-specific sender id will also differentiate your SMS service from other text messages your client may be receiving, such as spam texts from an unknown number or automated messages that are received from a brand name that they don’t recognize.

Ensuring that your brand is properly represented in your sender id is crucial towards increasing customer responding rates and making sure that your client base has easy access to you if they want to speak with you effectively.

How Should I Use Sender IDs?

It is extremely important to have not only a simple and easily recognizable sender id, but also to have the same sender id across all users and all messages. If you decide to have multiple sender ids, make sure that they are related and similar to reduce user confusion.

Once you have decided on your sender id name, you should stick with it.

Having cohesion with your sender id does you more than one favor. It ensures that your customer links the SMS messages to your company name, as the text number they see will be linked to your sender id. Additionally, when the customer continues to employ your services, they will continue to receive SMS messages from the same sender id.

Seeing the same SMS sender after repeated services will ensure the recipients associate your company with the SMS services you are providing.

Sending SMS messages that are attached to your carefully curated sender ids will allow you to send thousands of messages to your entire client base, if desired. Companies who incorporate the sender id templates into their services are more likely to reach their recipients and connect them with your support team if needed.

Text messaging services like SMS campaigns are extremely beneficial to reaching your client base and will help you to create a working relationship with your recipients, even through phone correspondence.

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What Kinds of Messages Are Most Useful To Customers?

While an SMS campaign is a great tool to use for your business, it is important to use this service in an effective way that benefits both you and your clients.

Once you have a solid sender id, you can begin to send SMS messages to your recipients. Every message you send will be associated with the SMS sender you have chosen, so be sure to craft every message with intentionality and purpose.

In order to determine which kinds of messages are most useful to your recipients, you want to ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish with your SMS content.

Are you trying to create a relationship with your client? Do you want the recipient to send correspondence back to the sender id, or are you looking only to send inbound messages?

These factors are important to consider because your recipients will associate your SMS content with your sender name, regardless of the content the message holds.

You also want to consider the accessibility of the messages you are sending out to your client base. If you choose to incorporate unicode characters, make sure you include a key or reference for those items. You may also want to consider free options for sender ids. Making this service free is a good way to receive SMS from your recipient without having them complete a registration or be unable to contact you.

You want your clients to be able to talk with you easily! Take into account any roadblocks they may encounter and eliminate those. If there is a registration fee involved, make sure your content reflects this and is improved as a result.

Clear instructions for contacting you are also a critical element of a successful SMS campaign. If you want your clients to send messages back to you, clearly state that in your SMS. If you want clients to give you an example of how your service was beneficial, be sure to mention this in your SMS.

You may also want to include trigger messages in your feature SMS campaigns. An example of a trigger message is an SMS that arrives at your client’s phone number as a direct response to an action they have taken. This can take the form of an automated text immediately following service, or a link to your website after your client asks a question via SMS.

In most cases, it is easiest to reach your clients through phone calls or SMS campaigns that go through their phone number. When you send SMS, remember to keep your purpose in mind and ensure that accessibility has been taken into account for your services.

How Kennected Uses SMS Sender ID

Here at Kennected, we pride ourselves on our relationships, whether those are with the brands we work with, our customers, or with each other in our workspace.

We always take into account what our needs are as well as what our customers need from us. It is important to have free services that allow our customers to send SMS without worrying about money or having to pay for correspondence.

With our own sender ids, we like to incorporate SMS campaigns into a variety of areas for our client base. Firstly, we make usage of automated messages that are designed to encourage follow up from our customers. As an organization that is constantly striving for growth and improvement, we value our client feedback.

We also keep our sender name consistent for our clients. Having the same sender linked to our company name allows us to send SMS with the knowledge that it will be easily linked to us. As the sender, it is important to remember the basics.

We also take accessibility for our clients into account. Our SMS sender sends SMS to our clients, and they are able to send back whatever they would like for free (most people have free text messaging). Our sender name remains the same for cohesion purposes, and our customers-prospects are always aware of the names of our sender ids.

By incorporating sender ids and sms services for your clients to send SMS to you through, your company will be able to reap the many benefits of an SMS campaign.


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