How Do I Send a Mass Voice Message

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Using SMS software, you are able to record and send an automated voice message from your business to your clients easily and effectively.

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What automated voice messages are

  • The differences between voice messaging and text messages

  • How to best use text messages for your business

  • When to use voice messaging or text messages

Read on to learn how to best utilize this service for your business and begin to reach your audience with new techniques.

What Are Automated Voice Messages?

An automated voice message is essentially a voice broadcast that you are recording from your business to send to your customers.

Like a traditional voicemail message, an automated voice message is a way to add your voice and delivery to a message, something that cannot be translated as well via a text message.

When you send a voicemail message to a given client or a group of clients, it is easier to hear the inflections and tone of your voice, adding a helpful touch to important messages.

Utilizing both text messaging and voice messaging will help you communicate with your audience well depending on the scenarios in which you use them, so let’s take a moment to outline when best to utilize these services.

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Voice Messaging Vs. Mass Text Messages

When you are deciding whether to send a voice or text message, you may want to consider the importance of the message you are trying to deliver, and how it would be received via either format.

Here are some general items to consider for voice broadcasting:

  • This is a free service, so your contacts will have access to your number in order to speak with you if necessary

  • The person will hear your message through the phone, helping them gauge the purpose and intention behind the message

  • Recipients will be able to play your message back, so make sure to maintain a friendly tone and do not ramble for too long

The big thing here is that voice messaging can help you to not only build your brand persona, but also to aid you in fostering client relationships.

It can be a great way to make yourself accessible, and hearing your voice will also help reiterate your availability and dedication to your service.

Conversely, when you are sending messages through bulk messaging techniques, you get a whole different array of benefits.

Here are some of the best features of SMS text messaging:

  • Allows you to send a mass text message from your business

  • You can link to social media sites and other platforms when you send mass text messages

  • Using a mass texting service, you can organize phone numbers, have access to a contact management system, send emergency notifications, and sort responses into a database

The most notable piece of sending SMS messages is that since it takes a written format, you can use this service in multiple ways.

With an automated voice message, it can at times be difficult to make sure that your message has been clearly received unless you receive a response to it.

With bulk text messages, you can use short code and send text messages that you know will be read and received by your audience.

Let’s outline how best to use SMS messaging for your business venture.

How Do I Use Text Messages for My Business?

When you use text messaging for your business, it is best to keep several items in mind.

You will have a contact list, and your customers will have to subscribe to your SMS before you can begin sending messages in order to follow consent laws.

Once you have your SMS recipients and their phone numbers, you can begin messaging them using either SMS text messages or calling them through voicemail and voice messaging communications.

When you decide to use SMS texting, you should use it to accomplish these items:

  • Reach your customer quickly and effectively with important information

  • Create surveys to get feedback and responses from your clients

  • Collect data for your service via open and response rates

  • Make a note within a text thread to remind a customer of something

  • Send appointment reminders or links to upcoming events

  • Send promotional or transactional messages

Text messaging is a great way to ensure that an important message is sent and received in a timely manner, and it can also be used for marketing and sales efforts too.

When you send text messages, you want to always be considering the intentionality of your message and if it would be better suited for a voice broadcast.

With this in mind, let’s take some time to clearly outline when to utilize these communication services.

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Text Message Vs. Voice Message: When To Use Them

Here are the best times to use voice broadcasting:

  • Use calls to speak one-on-one with a client

  • Avoid having your message sent to spam

  • Leave a voicemail if your client does not have an SMS account

  • Record a voicemail if your client prefers calls or you find communications are improved over the phone

Some of your customers will prefer to talk with you over the phone, so be accommodating and chat with your customers in this format.

Additionally, you may want to utilize calling when a given customer is not yet subscribed to your SMS, and you need to reach them with time sensitive information.

On the other hand, here are some great ways to use SMS messaging and short code:

  • Send instant notifications to your customers via their phone numbers

  • Leave a tangible text for your clients to read and come back to if needed

  • Set up a thread to communicate via messaging apps

  • Send any written documents or correspondence through an SMS thread

Whether you choose to call or text a client or group of customers, make sure that your communications are cohesive, clear, and easy to understand.

As long as you keep the best interests of your recipients in mind, the SMS and voice messaging you send from your business will be successful.

How Kennected Uses Voice Messaging

Here at Kennected, we like to utilize both SMS and voice messaging for our customers in order to not only be accommodating, but also to ensure accessibility and success of our services for each person.

We want our messages to be purposeful and valuable as a service in themselves, and voice calls and SMS messages help us accomplish this.

Using the services in tandem has paid off for us, and we know it’ll do wonders for your business as well. 

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