How To Sell More Homes Using LinkedIn

Research shows that LinkedIn has a 2.74 percent visitor-to-lead conversion rate. While this does not sound like a lot, it is actually huge compared to Facebook’s 0.77 and Twitter’s 0.99 percent. According to HubSpot, LinkedIn’s conversion rate is 277 times higher than Facebook’s.

This makes LinkedIn the ideal platform for lead generation—especially if you are a real estate agent or realtor looking to sell more homes.

LinkedIn is a massive platform for professionals. Using it proactively will help you boost your sales no matter what industry you are in. Here we will focus on how it helps real estate agents sell more homes.

Yes You Can Use LinkedIn to Sell More Homes​

LinkedIn is more business-oriented compared to other social media sites. Because there are fewer social posts, marketing posts are more likely to get traction. While Facebook and Twitter have more users overall, LinkedIn is better for real estate agents because of its user base.

The majority of LinkedIn users are age 30 and older. This accounts for 77 percent of all LinkedIn users. Nearly half earn more than $75,000 per year, meaning they have the capacity to purchase homes. Additionally, 90 percent of users make household decisions such as buying a new house.

In fact, these demographics neatly align with The National Association of Realtors or NAR’s profile of the average home seller and buyer. But even with this in mind, you need to know how to use it properly or else it won’t benefit you as much.

How to Use LinkedIn to Recruit Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn content is one of the best ways to attract new clients. People who are looking to buy a house are not on LinkedIn to find new homes to purchase. So instead of making the common mistake of sharing post after post of your new listings or open houses, attract their attention instead with high quality content.

Your listings will not attract a lot of buyers on LinkedIn. Instead, you want to give people helpful content so that they can gain something of value. This will build their confidence in you as a real estate agent and make them more likely to reach out. Much like in your real estate website, your LinkedIn content matters.

Use LinkedIn posts to provide tips for home buyers or other topics that might attract real estate consumers. Give them insight regarding industry news and market reports, etc.

Positioning Yourself as the Authority in the Space via Content Production on LinkedIn

Reputation is very important when selling on LinkedIn. People will only work with real estate agents they trust. Your content should add more credibility to your name. Your profile on LinkedIn also matters. Make sure that when people visit your profile, they get all the information they need. They have to know exactly what you do, how you can help them, and how they can reach out to you.

Your profile is also the best place to establish your authority when it comes to the real estate industry. Don’t be afraid to show off your real estate expertise. To stand out from other real estate profiles, incorporate both professional and relevant personal information. Then add one or two of your best testimonials to further boost your credibility.

Place the most important and eye-catching information at the beginning of your summary, because the rest of it will be hidden away behind the “read more” button—and there is no guarantee that the visitor will click on it unless you managed to catch their attention.

Messaging People with Recent Career Changers or Promotions

People who have recently changed careers or have recently been promoted are most likely to purchase a new home. Generally speaking, you will want to target these people when sending connection requests.

Use Kennected to find the most qualified leads for your lead generation efforts. It uses laser accurate data to get you in front of your ideal clients.

In the beginning, you will want to focus on adding people you already know, such as your friends, current clients, former colleagues, etc. But eventually, you will have to use Kennected to expand your network and help drive more sales.

After finding the best leads, you can also use Kennected to schedule personalized messages so that you don’t have to waste time sending them manually. Kennected sends automated follow-ups as well.

Automating Your Messages for Career Changers can Help You Land More Clients

The days of manual prospecting are over. And if you want to sell more homes on LinkedIn, Kennected is the most efficient way to do it. It handles a lot of mundane and repetitive tasks like sending connection requests. With Kennected, you can start focusing on more important things like optimizing your profiles, gathering testimonials, and having conversations with prospects.

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